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    Eavesdropping without quantum memory

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    In quantum cryptography the optimal eavesdropping strategy requires that the eavesdropper uses quantum memories in order to optimize her information. What happens if the eavesdropper has no quantum memory? It is shown that the best strategy is actually to adopt the simple intercept/resend strategy.Comment: 9 pages LaTeX, 3 figure

    Reply To "Comment on 'Quantum String Seal Is Insecure' "

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    In Phys. Rev. A. 76, 056301 (2007), He claimed that the proof in my earlier paper [Phys. Rev. A 75, 012327 (2007)] is insufficient to conclude the insecurity of all quantum string seals because my measurement strategy cannot obtain non-trivial information on the sealed string and escape detection at the same time. Here, I clarify that our disagreement comes from our adoption of two different criteria on the minimum amount of information a quantum string seal can reveal to members of the public. I also point out that He did not follow my measurement strategy correctly.Comment: 2 page

    Optimal dimensionality for quantum cryptography

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    We perform a comparison of two protocols for generating a cryptographic key composed from d-valued symbols: one exploiting a string of independent qubits and another one utilizing d-level systems prepared in states belonging to d+1 mutually unbiased bases. We show that the protocol based on qubits is optimal for quantum cryptography, since it provides higher security and higher key generation rate.Comment: Revtex, 4 pages, 1 eps figur

    Quantum cryptography with 3-state systems

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    We consider quantum cryptographic schemes where the carriers of information are 3-state particles. One protocol uses four mutually unbiased bases and appears to provide better security than obtainable with 2-state carriers. Another possible method allows quantum states to belong to more than one basis. The security is not better, but many curious features arise.Comment: 11 pages Revte
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