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    Integrating vocational training in culinary arts and Islamic studies at juvenile rehabilitation centres: Malaysian experience

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    The Juvenile Rehabilitation Centres (JRC) in Malaysia aims to provide shelter, counselling and skills training to juveniles specifically for those who wish to transform themselves from the regrettable misdeeds they have committed. At JRCs, an integrated Culinary Vocational Training and Islamic education forms part of their training curriculum. The skills acquired should enable trainees to secure jobs upon completion of training. However, there are some training institutions that lack systematic training structures resulting in trainees becoming less skilful in both vocational and Islamic education. The objective of this research is to identify the effectiveness of an integrated Culinary and Islamic Education curriculum implemented at JRCs in Malaysia. This is a descriptive survey and data was obtained using questionnaire and interview. Respondents comprised 92 trainees, four managers, four culinary trainers and four Islamic education teachers, all from four different JRCs. The findings show that the trainees are happy with their trainings that brought about positive effects for them. Some suggestions have been made to provide improvements in the implementation of the course among them the inclusion of prayers in the Islamic education syllabus

    A Novel Algorithmic Approach using Little Theorem of Fermat For Generating Primes and Poulet Numbers in Order

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    Computer encryption are based mostly on primes, which are also vital for communications. The aim of this paper is to present a new explicit strategy for creating all primes and Poulet numbers in order up to a certain number by using the Fermats little theorem. For this purpose, we construct a set C of odd composite numbers and transform Fermats little theorem from primality test of a number to a generating set Q of odd primes and Poulet numbers. The set Q is sieved to separate the odd primes and the Poulet numbers. By this method, we can obtain all primes and Poulet numbers in order up to a certain number. Also, we obtain a closed form expression which precisely gives the number of primes up to a specific number. The pseudo-code of the proposed method is presented

    Determinasi Dan Analisis Finger Print Tanaman Murbei (Morus Alba Lour) Sebagai Bahan Baku Obat Tradisional Dengan Metode Spektroskopi Ft-ir Dan Kemometrik

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    DETERMINASI DAN ANALISIS FINGER PRINT TANAMAN MURBEI (Morus alba Lour) SEBAGAI BAHAN BAKU OBAT TRADISIONAL DENGAN METODE SPEKTROSKOPI FT-IR DAN KEMOMETRIK Abd.Halim Umar1), Reny Syahruni1), Asril Burhan1), Fadillah Maryam1), Astuti Amin2), Marwati2), Lisa Rassang Masero2) 1)Akademi Farmasi Kebangsaan Makassar 2)Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Farmasi Makassar ABSTRACT Mulberry (Morus albaLour) is amedicinal plant that is widely grown and used as medicine in Indonesia. Composition chemistry contained in the drug of nature is one composition complex, can be determined by using a spectroscopic methods. This study to determination origin mulberry that comes from some areas as information and quality control using a method Fourier TransformInfra-Red Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and chemometrick. FT-IR analysis of mulberry (Morus albaLour) that grow in different places in geography, obtained results are relatively similar spectrum of 9 types of the samples. FT-IR measure ments combined with chemometrick. Group 1 (Cendana), group 2 (Baraka and Palangga), group 3 (Kalambe 'and Cina), Group 4 (Tikala and Bori), group 5 (Lemo) and group 6 (Solie). Key words: Mulberry, FT-IR, PCA, Chemometrick ABSTRAK Murbei (Morus alba Lour) merupakan salah satu tanaman obat yang banyak tumbuh dan digunakan sebagai obat tradisional di Indonesia. Komposisi kimia yang terkandung dalam obat bahan alam merupakan suatu komposisi yang kompleks, dapat ditentukan dengan menggunakan metode spektroskopi. Penelitian ini untuk mendeterminasikan asal murbei yang berasal dari beberapa daerah sebagai informasi dan kendali mutu dengan menggunakan metode Fourier Transform-Infra Red Spectroscopy (FT-IR) dan kemometrik. Analisis FT-IR tanaman murbei (Morus alba Lour), diperoleh hasil spektrum yang relatif sama dari 9 jenis sampel dari daerah yang berbeda. Spektrum FT-IR yang diperoleh dikombinasikan dengan metode kemometrik menggunakan program Minitab versi 16 dan The Unscrambler® 9.7. Hasil pengelompokan yaitu, Kelompok 1 (Cendana), Kelompok 2 (Baraka dan Palangga), Kelompok 3 (Kalambe' dan Cina), Kelompok 4 (Tikala dan Bori), Kelompok 5 (Lemo) dan Kelompok 6 (Solie)
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