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    Non-covalent interactions at electrochemical interfaces : one model fits all?

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    Acknowledgements Funding from the DGI (Spanish Ministry of Education and Science) through Project CTQ2009-07017 is gratefully acknowledged. E.P.M.L. wishes to thank the Universidad Nacional de Co´rdoba, Argentina, for a grant within the ‘‘Programa de Movilidad Internacional de Profesores Cuarto Centenario’’.Peer reviewedPublisher PD

    Essays on American Depositary Receipts: New Fears, Investor Attention and Financial Bubbles

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    This dissertation consists of four chapters, focusing on American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and how they are affected by new measures of investor sentiment, new proxies of investor attention, and financial bubble detection. ADRs are negotiable certificates of ownership in foreign companies that are traded in the U.S. financial markets. In Chapter I, I make a brief introduction of ADRs. The types of programs there are, the market capitalization and volume in general and to some specific countries. In Chapter II, I show that negative investor sentiment measures, derived from internet aggregate search indices, have a contemporaneous negative effect on ADR stock indices and a second-day reversal behavior. To build the sentiment measure, I apply a similar methodology developed in recent literature to construct the Financial and Economic Attitudes Revealed by Search (FEARS) index. Moreover, evidence shows that this effect is greater for Latin American ADR indices at the aggregate level and on a country-specific level than for other regions. After matching the sample during times of turmoil, the results are consistent with the literature that employs this sentiment proxy with U.S. stock indices. In Chapter III, I examine the effect of country-specific investor attention on ADR mispricing. Investor attention is measured by the amount of traffic a country profile receives on Wikipedia. A 2-Stage Least Squares (2SLS) model is employed to mitigate the potential endogeneity. Evidence shows that higher levels of investor attention have a negative impact on ADRs mispricing. In Chapter IV, I utilize the Generalized Supremum Augmented Dickey-Fuller test methodology to identify and time-stamp the beginning and the end of financial bubbles in ADR stock indices. Evidence shows that there are multiple bubble episodes in the general ADR index, which correspond to bubble episodes in the S&P 500 during the preceding months of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Moreover, I also identify several bubble periods on Latin American, European, and Asian ADR indices

    ‘Te lo tienes que currar’ : enacting an ethics of care in times of austerity

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    This research was funded by Grant ES/M003825/1 from the Economic and Social Research Council of the United Kingdom for the project ‘An ethnography of advice: Between market, society and the declining welfare state’, which I gratefully acknowledge.Amid austerity policies that have retracted welfare programs and have affected the livelihood of people in Spain, this paper describes how various local practices of care among members of the PAH (Platform for People Affected by Mortgages) work to recuperate social relations morally and practically. I seek to understand the relationship between people’s perceptions of social justice and notions of fairness on the one hand and ideas about deservingness on the other. I am interested in exploring who gets to choose and allocate, and how people in the PAH use the collective notion of care to justify their choice. What are the moral conflicts that people experience while judging and constructing the figure of the deserving versus the undeserving framed within a collective struggle for social justice? I analyse the conundrums of a movement that struggles to find a balance between individual judgments and the collective good; I aim to show the dilemmas and contradictions of the struggle for social justice.Publisher PDFPeer reviewe

    Engineering entanglement for metrology with rotating matter waves

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    Entangled states of rotating, trapped ultracold bosons form a very promising scenario for quantum metrology. In order to employ such states for metrology, it is vital to understand their detailed form and the enhanced accuracy with which they could measure phase, in this case generated through rotation. In this work, we study the rotation of ultracold bosons in an asymmetric trapping potential beyond the lowest Landau level (LLL) approximation. We demonstrate that while the LLL can identify reasonably the critical frequency for a quantum phase transition and entangled state generation, it is vital to go beyond the LLL to identify the details of the state and quantify the quantum Fisher information (which bounds the accuracy of the phase measurement). We thus identify a new parameter regime for useful entangled state generation, amenable to experimental investigation
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