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    On the sensitivity reach of LQ production with preferential couplings to third generation fermions at the LHC

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    Leptoquarks (LQs) are hypothetical particles that appear in various extensions of the Standard Model (SM) that can explain observed differences between SM theory predictions and experimental results. The production of these particles has been widely studied at various experiments, most recently at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and stringent bounds have been placed on their masses and couplings, assuming the simplest beyond-SM (BSM) hypotheses. However, the limits are significantly weaker for LQ models with family non-universal couplings containing enhanced couplings to third-generation fermions. We present a new study on the production of a LQ at the LHC, with preferential couplings to third-generation fermions, considering proton-proton collisions at s=13\sqrt{s} = 13 TeV\mathrm{TeV} and s=13.6\sqrt{s} = 13.6 TeV\mathrm{TeV}. Such a hypothesis is well motivated theoretically and it can explain the recent anomalies in the precision measurements of B\mathrm{B}-meson decay rates, specifically the RD(‚ąó)R_{D^{(*)}} ratios. Under a simplified model where the LQ masses and couplings are free parameters, we focus on cases where the LQ decays to a ŌĄ\tau lepton and a b\mathrm{b} quark, and study how the results are affected by different assumptions about chiral currents and interference effects with other BSM processes with the same final states, such as diagrams with a heavy vector boson, Z‚Ä≤\mathrm{Z}^{'}. The analysis is performed using machine learning techniques, resulting in an increased discovery reach at the LHC and allowing us to probe the entirety of the new physics phase space which addresses the B\mathrm{B}-meson anomalies, for LQ masses up to 2.25 TeV\mathrm{TeV}.Comment: 26 pages, 13 figure

    InSAR Scientific Computing Environment

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    This computing environment is the next generation of geodetic image processing technology for repeat-pass Interferometric Synthetic Aperture (InSAR) sensors, identified by the community as a needed capability to provide flexibility and extensibility in reducing measurements from radar satellites and aircraft to new geophysical products. This software allows users of interferometric radar data the flexibility to process from Level 0 to Level 4 products using a variety of algorithms and for a range of available sensors. There are many radar satellites in orbit today delivering to the science community data of unprecedented quantity and quality, making possible large-scale studies in climate research, natural hazards, and the Earth's ecosystem. The proposed DESDynI mission, now under consideration by NASA for launch later in this decade, would provide time series and multiimage measurements that permit 4D models of Earth surface processes so that, for example, climate-induced changes over time would become apparent and quantifiable. This advanced data processing technology, applied to a global data set such as from the proposed DESDynI mission, enables a new class of analyses at time and spatial scales unavailable using current approaches. This software implements an accurate, extensible, and modular processing system designed to realize the full potential of InSAR data from future missions such as the proposed DESDynI, existing radar satellite data, as well as data from the NASA UAVSAR (Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar), and other airborne platforms. The processing approach has been re-thought in order to enable multi-scene analysis by adding new algorithms and data interfaces, to permit user-reconfigurable operation and extensibility, and to capitalize on codes already developed by NASA and the science community. The framework incorporates modern programming methods based on recent research, including object-oriented scripts controlling legacy and new codes, abstraction and generalization of the data model for efficient manipulation of objects among modules, and well-designed module interfaces suitable for command- line execution or GUI-programming. The framework is designed to allow users contributions to promote maximum utility and sophistication of the code, creating an open-source community that could extend the framework into the indefinite future

    Academic Mentoring of Social Work Faculty: A Group Experience With a Feminist Influence

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    Using theory and principles of group process, and influenced by feminist theory of co-mentoring, a group of social work educators met monthly in a telephone mediated support group. The purpose of the group was to offer support to faculty involved in the tenure process in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. This paper offers an analysis of this experience. Suggestions for improved mentoring of social work faculty will be explored and areas for further research will be identified

    Primer registro de la cojolita (Penelope purpurascens) en el estado de Guanajuato, México

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    -Aquí se informa sobre el registro de la cojolita en la Reserva de Biosfera Sierra Gorda de Guanajuato, el cual es el registro más central para esa latitud y el primero para el estado. Esta especie fue registrada fotográfícamente en un bosque de encino. La presencia de esta especie enfatiza la necesidad de continuar realizando inventarios biológicos en esta Reserva de la Biosfer

    Nivel de actividad física, equilibrio energético y exceso de peso en jóvenes universitarios

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    The association between nutrition, physical activity and excess weight have been studied as determinants of overweight and chronic diseases during adulthood. Little is known about the university population where climatic, nutritional and cultural circumstances are adverse for health. We analyzed the differences between the physical activity level, energy balance and body fat considering excess weight. The International Physical Activity Questionnaire, the 24-hour multi-step reminder, bioimpedance analysis and anthropometric measurements were applied. Three hundred sixty nine participated of which 44.2% of men and 23.2% of women had excess weight according to BMI (> 25 kg / m2). Differences were found between groups regarding the level of activity and body fat (p <.01). The level of activity was inversely associated with energy balance and body fat.La asociaci√≥n entre la nutrici√≥n, actividad f√≠sica y exceso de peso han sido estudiadas como determinantes del sobrepeso y enfermedades cr√≥nicas durante la adultez. Poco se sabe de la poblaci√≥n universitaria en lugares donde convergen circunstancias clim√°ticas, nutricionales y culturales adversas para la salud. Se analizaron las diferencias entre el nivel de actividad f√≠sica, el equilibrio energ√©tico y la grasa corporal considerando la prevalencia de exceso de peso. Se aplicaron el International Physical Activity Questionnaire, el Recordatorio de 24 horas de pasos m√ļltiples, an√°lisis de bioimpedancia y mediciones antropom√©tricas. De los 369 participantes, el 44.2% de los hombres y 23.2% de las mujeres present√≥ exceso de peso de acuerdo al IMC (>25 kg/m2). Se encontraron diferencias entre grupos al respecto del nivel de actividad y la grasa corporal (p<.01). El nivel de actividad se asoci√≥ de forma inversa con el equilibrio energ√©tico y la grasa corporal

    Rumen fermentation and diet degradability in sheep fed sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) silage supplemented with Tithonia diversifolia or alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and rice polishing

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    The objective of this study was to evaluate ruminal fermentation (i.e. pH, ammonia, and volatile fatty acid concentrations) and in situ degradability of diets in sheep fed sugarcane silage (SCS) supplemented with Tithonia diversifolia (Td) or alfalfa (Medicago sativa) hay (A), with or without rice (Oriza sativa) polishing (RP) as an energy source. Four Blackbelly sheep (35 kg average body weight) with rumen cannula were used. The experimental diets were (g/kg of dry matter): Diet 1) SCS (686) + Td (294), Diet 2) SCS (460) + Td (226) + RP (294), Diet 3) SCS (637) + A (343), and Diet 4) SCS (441) + A (245) + RP (294). The remainder (20 g/kg of dry matter) was composed by minerals supplement and salt. Samples of diets were incubated into rumen for 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 30, 36, 48, and 72 h to determine in situ degradability. Data were analysed with a linear mixed model. The lamb, period and lamb nested in period*diet were considered as a random variable. The inclusion of RP improved the degradability of diets and ammonia production in the rumen. The acetic, propionic, and butyric acid concentrations (mmol/100 mL) in rumen increased (P<0.03) when diets with alfalfa and RP were provided. The degradability of diets based on sugarcane silage supplemented with either alfalfa or Tithonia diversifolia was improved (P<0.05) with the rice polishing inclusion, with no difference (P>0.05) between these forages. In conclusion, energy supplementation, not necessarily from starch, is important to improve rumen fermentation and degradability of diets based on sugarcane silage

    The Importance of Lactose in the Human Diet:Outcomes of a Mexican Consensus Meeting

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    Lactose is a unique component of breast milk, many infant formulas and dairy products, and is widely used in pharmaceutical products. In spite of that, its role in human nutrition or lactose intolerance is generally not well-understood. For that reason, a 2-day-long lactose consensus meeting with health care professionals was organized in Mexico to come to a set of statements for which consensus could be gathered. Topics ranging from lactase expression to potential health benefits of lactose were introduced by experts, and that was followed by a discussion on concept statements. Interestingly, lactose does not seem to induce a neurological reward response when consumed. Although lactose digestion is optimal, it supplies galactose for liver glycogen synthesis. In infants, it cannot be ignored that lactose-derived galactose is needed for the synthesis of glycosylated macromolecules. At least beyond infancy, the low glycemic index of lactose might be metabolically beneficial. When lactase expression decreases, lactose maldigestion may lead to lactose intolerance symptoms. In infancy, the temporary replacing of lactose by other carbohydrates is only justified in case of severe intolerance symptoms. In those who show an (epi)genetic decrease or absence of lactase expression, a certain amount (for adults mostly up to 12 g per portion) of lactose can still be consumed. In these cases, lactose shows beneficial intestinal-microbiota-shaping effects. Avoiding lactose-containing products may imply a lower intake of other important nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin B-12 from dairy products, as well as an increased intake of less beneficial carbohydrates

    Detección de Ondas QRS del ECG Usando la Transformada Wavelet Analógica

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    En este trabajo se propone una nueva metodolog√≠a para la detecci√≥n de ondas QRS del electrocardiograma (ECG), haciendo uso de la Transformada Wavelet Anal√≥gica combinado con una variante del m√©todo Hard-Thresholding con retardo para eliminar ruido, m√°s un m√≥dulo digital para la detecci√≥n. La metodolog√≠a presentada en este trabajo est√° dise√Īada para aplicaciones de procesamiento de se√Īales ECG en tiempo real. Las se√Īales de ECG usadas para las pruebas fueron obtenidas de la base de datos del MIT-BIH. La metodolog√≠a propuesta se simul√≥ con diferentes se√Īales de la base de datos mencionada, agreg√°ndoles ruido blanco Gaussiano para evaluar su desempe√Īo y funcionamiento, y al compararla con otros trabajos ya publicados result√≥ en un desempe√Īo similar en cuanto a detecciones se refiere. Las operaciones matem√°ticas involucradas en el m√©todo propuesto son sencillas y pueden ser implementadas en circuitos integrados anal√≥gico-digitales de baja complejidad

    Dos nuevos registros de alimentación de Quiscalus Mexicanus Y Cyanocorax Sanblasianus en la costa de chamela, Jalisco, México

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    Information over the feeding habits of neotropical birds have been relatively few documented, this is the first report in México over the depredation of the mole crabs (Emerita spp.) by the Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) and for Ruddy-ground Dove (Columbina talpacoti) by San Blas Jay (Cyanocorax sanblasianus), in the coast of Chamela, Jalisco, México.
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