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    Nonlinear Dirac equations on Riemann surfaces

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    We develop analytical methods for nonlinear Dirac equations. Examples of such equations include Dirac-harmonic maps with curvature term and the equations describing the generalized Weierstrass representation of surfaces in three-manifolds. We provide the key analytical steps, i.e., small energy regularity and removable singularity theorems and energy identities for solutions.Comment: to appear in Annals of Global Analysis and Geometr

    On Volume Growth of Gradient Steady Ricci Solitons

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    In this paper we study volume growth of gradient steady Ricci solitons. We show that if the potential function satisfies a uniform condition, then the soliton has at most Euclidean volume growth.Comment: 8 page

    Dynamic characteristics of centrifugal pump induced by fluid and motor excitation forces

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    The combined dynamic characteristics of the centrifugal pump induced by the fluid and motor excitation forces are investigated in this paper. The coupling vibrations of a centrifugal pump during the operation are mainly caused by the fluid excitation and the motor excitation forces. The finite element model was constructed in this paper under the consideration of the fluid excitation which was obtained from the numerical simulation and the motor excitation force which came from the experiments; compared with the experimental results and well agreement, the components of the whole model were validated to be accurate enough for simulation. Applying the approach of the modal dynamics, the dynamic analysis was conducted to study the influence of the flow rate, the blade number, the exit installation angle and the outside diameter of impeller on the responses. The suggested optimal parameters were provided from the perspective of the vibration reduction. The results of the calculation are helpful to the designation and the safe operation of the centrifugal pumps

    A Perplexing Case of a DUOX2 Mutation and Graves’ Disease

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    It is commonly accepted that DUOX2 mutations may cause congenital hypothyroidism and thyrotropin resistance, thus its combination with Graves' disease would be unusual. In this case, our patient's serum thyroid function tests suggested a high probability of thyroid hormone resistance syndrome, but genetic testing did not suggest gene mutations of THRα or THRβ. This is a rare case report of thyroid hormone resistance

    Global research trends of diabetes remission: a bibliometric study

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    BackgroundResearch on diabetes remission has garnered prominence in recent years. However, to date, no pertinent bibliometric study has been published. This study sought to elucidate the current landscape and pinpoint potential new research directions through a bibliometric analysis of diabetes remission.MethodsWe perused relevant articles on diabetes remission from January 1, 2000, to April 16, 2023, in the Web of Science. We utilized CiteSpace software and VOSviewer software to construct knowledge maps and undertake analysis of countries, institutional affiliations, author contributions, journals, and keywords. This analysis facilitated the identification of current research foci and forecasting future trends.ResultsA total of 970 English articles were procured, and the annual publication volume manifested a steady growth trend. Most of the articles originated from America (n=342, 35.26%), succeeded by China and England. Pertaining to institutions, the University of Newcastle in England proliferated the most articles (n=36, 3.71%). Taylor R authored the most articles (n=35, 3.61%), and his articles were also the most co-cited (n=1756 times). Obesity Surgery dominated in terms of published articles (n=81, 8.35%). “Bariatric surgery” was the most prevalently used keyword. The keyword-clustering map revealed that the research predominantly centered on diabetes remission, type 1 diabetes, bariatric surgery, and lifestyle interventions. The keyword emergence and keyword time-zone maps depicted hotspots and shifts in the domain of diabetes remission. Initially, the hotspots were primarily fundamental experiments probing the feasibilities and mechanisms of diabetes remission, such as transplantation. Over the course, the research trajectory transitioned from basic to clinical concerning diabetes remission through bariatric surgery, lifestyle interventions, and alternative strategies.ConclusionOver the preceding 20 years, the domain of diabetes remission has flourished globally. Bariatric surgery and lifestyle interventions bestow unique advantages for diabetes remission. Via the maps, the developmental milieu, research foci, and avant-garde trends in this domain are cogently portrayed, offering guidance for scholars