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    Review of Online intercultural exchange: Policy, pedagogy, practice

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    Online intercultural exchange (OIE), also known as telecollaboration, is defined as “the activity of engaging language learners in interaction and collaborative project work with partners from other cultures through the use of online communication tools such as e-mail, videoconferencing, and discussion forums” (O’Dowd, 2007, p. 4). Research on OIE has flourished in the past 20 years, evidenced by a large number of journal articles, dedicated journal special issues (e.g., Belz, 2003; Lewis, Chanier, & Youngs, 2011), and edited volumes (Belz & Throne, 2006; Dooly, 2008; Dooly & O’Dowd, 2012; Guth & Helm, 2010; O’Dowd, 2007; Warschauer, 1995, 1996; Warschauer & Kern, 2000). Compared to other edited volumes on telecollaboration in the market, this book provides a state-of-the-art overview of OIE and focuses on its use in university education around the world. This 17-chapter edited volume consists of five parts: an overview of OIE (Part I), the integration of OIE in university education (Part II), the pedagogy of OIE (Part III), OIE in practice (Part IV), and the future of OIE (Part V)

    Unravelling the Distorted Foucauldian Panopticism Epitomized in the Suicidal Tortures of Esther Greenhood in The Bell Jar

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    Notwithstanding close critical attention has been paid to the essential victimization of the intellectual women and non-intellectual women who have been tossed and tortured in their unbearable lives and experiences in the increasing interpretation of the female characterization of this novel The Bell Jar (1963), inadequate critical concern has been shown to reveal the distorted power mechanism and power institutionalism implied in the contextualization of the gloomy social and cultural disciplines effective in the despotic disturbance and interference of the actions and thoughts of most intellectual women and non-intellectual women in 1950s in American society and American culture as indicated in the very ingenuous and insightful production of this novel extremely valuable for the adequate clarification of the executive essence of those hegemonic and demonic disciplines. For the sake of the ideological and epistemological essence of this disciplinary confinement and enslavement engendered in the vicious and malicious disciplines implemented in the entire society where Sylvia Plath has lived, this paper aims to uncover the quite malicious distortion of Foucauldian panopticism implemented in the formation and reformation of the power mechanism and power institutionalism implemented to persecute intellectual women and non-intellectual women as what has been insinuated into the ideological and epistemological veins of this novel according to the surveillance, inspection, and, supervision of this Foucauldian panopticism to have a good access to the true reasons of the suicidal tragedies and tragic traumas of Esther Greenhood who has been caught in the fatal threat of this power mechanism and power institutionalism witnessed in the ideological and epistemological stupefaction and sterilization of those intellectual women and non-intellectual women whose efforts have turned out to be futile when their entire lives and lots have been captured by the demonic dominator or governor of American society and American culture at that time

    A Novel Quantum Steganography Scheme Based on ASCII

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    Based on the novel enhanced quantum representation for quantum image (NEQR), a new blind quantum steganography scheme is proposed. In this scheme, an improved quantum representation of text utilizing ASCII is provided that uses two qubit sequences to store the same quantum text message. The general embedding process of the scheme is as follows: firstly, the cover image of sized 2 n × 2 n will be divided into eight blocks of sized 2 n − 2 × 2 n − 1 , and the secret quantum text of sized 2 n − 2 × 2 n − 1 is scrambled by Gray code transform method. Then, the disorder quantum text is embedded into the eight blocks of cover image employing the Gray code as a judgment condition. Meanwhile, the corresponding quantum circuits are drawn. Through the analysis of all quantum circuits, it can be concluded that the scheme has a lower complexity, that is, O(n). And the performance of the proposed scheme is analyzing in terms of simulation results of three items: visual quality, circuit complexity, and robustness

    Impulsive Vaccination SEIR Model with Nonlinear Incidence Rate and Time Delay

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    This paper aims to discuss the delay epidemic model with vertical transmission, constant input, and nonlinear incidence. Some sufficient conditions are given to guarantee the existence and global attractiveness of the infection-free periodic solution and the uniform persistence of the addressed model with time delay. Finally, a numerical example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed results

    Analysis on the dynamic characteristics of the dual-rotor structures of a certain aero-engine

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    A finite element model was constructed for a dual-rotor structure based on a certain aero-engine in this paper. Its dynamic characteristics was calculated and analyzed with the finite element software ANSYS. The characteristics were contrasted and analyzed for the dual-rotor structure with four bearings or five bearings. The influence was discussed and analyzed about the change of bearing’s stiffness to dynamic characteristics. The main conclusion was concluded as following: the low-pressure rotor vibrated in the first bending mode for the first and second modal shape; the critical speed gradually increased as the stiffness, it behaved obviously during a certain range of the stiffness, and meanwhile some modal shape would disappeared

    Structure of research topics of reading in a foreign language's publications in the past two decades (2002-2020): a bibliometric analysis

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    This bibliometric study analyzed the research topic structure of the Reading in a Foreign Language (RFL) journal in the past two decades. Using two well recognized bibliometric approaches, namely, the keyword co-occurrence analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis, the study examined author keywords and their co-occurrence of 184 research articles from 2002 to 2020. Results revealed that (1) the journal covered a wide range of reading research topics, and its most frequently researched topics were extensive reading, reading fluency, vocabulary learning, reading of foreign languages other than English, etc; (2) frequently researched topics were clustered into eight groups, including development of reading fluency, learner factors, vocabulary, etc.; and (3) the network of research topics centered around six large nodes (i.e., standardized keywords), namely extensive reading, reading fluency, vocabulary learning, reader characteristics, reading instructions, and reading comprehension. The findings might help readers and potential contributors familiarize with the research topic structure of the RFL journal. This study has important pedagogical implications