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    Classification of grasping tasks based on EEG-EMG coherence

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    This work presents an innovative application of the well-known concept of cortico-muscular coherence for the classification of various motor tasks, i.e., grasps of different kinds of objects. Our approach can classify objects with different weights (motor-related features) and different surface frictions (haptics-related features) with high accuracy (over 0:8). The outcomes presented here provide information about the synchronization existing between the brain and the muscles during specific activities; thus, this may represent a new effective way to perform activity recognition

    On two approaches to studying the aftershocks of a strong earthquake

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    The paper is devoted to comparing two approaches to the study of aftershocks. The methodological foundations of the traditional approach were laid many years ago. A new approach has emerged relatively recently. The two approaches differ from each other in the object, purpose and method of research. The differences are as follows. With the new approach, attention is focused not on aftershocks, but on the source of the earthquake. The evolution of the source is studied experimentally, and not the degradation of the frequency of aftershocks. Instead of a speculative selection of empirical formulas, the source deactivation coefficient is measured, variations in the coefficient are observed, and only on the basis of measurements and observations are conclusions drawn about the dynamics of the source. Thus, the divergence between the two approaches is doctrinal. The new approach turned out to be effective. Through targeted analysis of aftershock data, the Omori epoch and the phenomenon of bifurcation of the earthquake source were discovered. The purpose of further research is indicated. Keywords: earthquake source, Omori law, Hirano-Utsu law, logistic law, deactivation coefficient, bifurcation, master equation, methodology.Comment: 11 pages, 3 figure
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