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    An analog pistol lock that stays attached to the pistol at all times, for in-home defense and unwanted user firearm discharg

    Sustained attention training reduces spatial bias in Parkinson’s disease: a pilot case series

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    Individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) commonly demonstrate lateralized spatial biases, which affect daily functioning. Those with PD with initial motor symptoms on the left body side (LPD) have reduced leftward attention, whereas PD with initial motor symptoms on the right side (RPD) may display reduced rightward attention. We investigated whether a sustained attention training program could help reduce these spatial biases. Four non-demented individuals with PD (2 LPD, 2 RPD) performed a visual search task before and after 1 month of computer training. Before training, all participants showed a significant spatial bias and after training, all participants’ spatial bias was eliminated.Published versio

    V1647 Ori: The X-ray Evolution of a Pre-main Sequence Accretion Burst

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    We present Chandra X-ray Observatory monitoring observations of the recent accretion outburst displayed by the pre-main sequence (pre-MS) star V1647 Ori. The X-ray observations were obtained over a period beginning prior to outburst onset in late 2003 and continuing through its apparent cessation in late 2005, and demonstrate that the mean flux of the spatially coincident X-ray source closely tracked the near-infrared luminosity of V1647 Ori throughout its eruption. We find negligible likelihood that the correspondence between X-ray and infrared light curves over this period was the result of multiple X-ray flares unrelated to the accretion burst. The recent Chandra data confirm that the X-ray spectrum of V1647 Ori hardened during outburst, relative both to its pre-outburst state and to the X-ray spectra of nearby pre-MS stars in the L1630 cloud. We conclude that the observed changes in the X-ray emission from V1647 Ori over the course of its 2003-2005 eruption were generated by a sudden increase and subsequent decline in its accretion rate. These results for V1647 Ori indicate that the flux of hard X-ray emission from erupting low-mass, pre-MS stars, and the duration and intensity of such eruptions, reflect the degree to which star-disk magnetic fields are reorganized before and during major accretion events.Comment: 12 pages, 3 figs.; accepted by the Astrophysical Journal (Letters

    Robust Domain Adaptation for Pre-trained Multilingual Neural Machine Translation Models

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    Recent literature has demonstrated the potential of multilingual Neural Machine Translation (mNMT) models. However, the most efficient models are not well suited to specialized industries. In these cases, internal data is scarce and expensive to find in all language pairs. Therefore, fine-tuning a mNMT model on a specialized domain is hard. In this context, we decided to focus on a new task: Domain Adaptation of a pre-trained mNMT model on a single pair of language while trying to maintain model quality on generic domain data for all language pairs. The risk of loss on generic domain and on other pairs is high. This task is key for mNMT model adoption in the industry and is at the border of many others. We propose a fine-tuning procedure for the generic mNMT that combines embeddings freezing and adversarial loss. Our experiments demonstrated that the procedure improves performances on specialized data with a minimal loss in initial performances on generic domain for all languages pairs, compared to a naive standard approach (+10.0 BLEU score on specialized data, -0.01 to -0.5 BLEU on WMT and Tatoeba datasets on the other pairs with M2M100).Comment: Accepted by EMNLP 2022 MMNLU Worksho

    X-raying the Beating Heart of a Newborn Star: Rotational Modulation of High-energy Radiation from V1647 Ori

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    We report a periodicity of ~1 day in the highly elevated X-ray emission from the protostar V1647 Ori during its two recent multiple-year outbursts of mass accretion. This periodicity is indicative of protostellar rotation at near-breakup speed. Modeling of the phased X-ray light curve indicates the high-temperature (~50 MK), X-ray-emitting plasma, which is most likely heated by accretion-induced magnetic reconnection, resides in dense (>~5e10 cm-3), pancake-shaped magnetic footprints where the accretion stream feeds the newborn star. The sustained X-ray periodicity of V1647 Ori demonstrates that such protostellar magnetospheric accretion configurations can be stable over timescales of years.Comment: 26 pages, 10 figure

    Death by Stereotype: Race, Ethnicity, and California's Failure to Implement Furman's Narrowing Requirement

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    The influence of race on the administration of capital punishment had a major role in the U.S. Supreme Court's 1972 decision in Furman v. Georgia to invalidate death penalty statutes across the United States. To avoid discriminatory and capricious application of capital punishment, the Supreme Court held that the Eighth Amendment requires legislatures to narrow the scope of capital offenses and ensure that only the most severe crimes are subjected to the ultimate punishment. This Article demonstrates the racial and ethnic dimensions of California's failure to implement this narrowing requirement. Our analysis uses a sample of 1,900 cases drawn from 27,453 California convictions for first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and voluntary manslaughter with offense dates between January 1978 and June 2002. California's death penalty statute requires a finding of one or more enumerated special circumstances for death eligibility. Contrary to the teachings of Furman, however, we found that several of California's special circumstances apply disparately based on the race or ethnicity of the defendant. In so doing, the statute appears to codify rather than ameliorate the harmful racial stereotypes that are endemic to our criminal justice system. The instantiation of racial and ethnic stereotypes into death eligibility raises the specter of discriminatory application of California's statute, with implications for constitutional regulation of capital punishment

    Furman at 45: Constitutional Challenges from California's Failure to (Again) Narrow Death Eligibility

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    The Eighth Amendment's "narrowing" requirement for capital punishment eligibility has challenged states since it was recognized in Furman v. Georgia in 1972. This article examines whether California's death penalty scheme complies with this requirement by enpirically analyzing 27,453 California convictions for first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and voluntary manslaughter with offense dates between January 1978 and June 2002. Using a 1,900-case sample, we examine whether California's death penalty statute fails to comply with the Eighth Amendment's narrowing test. Our findings support two conclusions. First, the death-eligibility rate among California homicide cases is the highest in the nation during that period and in the ensuing decade. We find that 95 percent of all first-degree murder convictions and 59 percent of all second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter convictions were death eligible under California's 2008 statute. Second, a death sentence is imposed in only a small fraction of the d death-eligible cases. The California death sentencing rate of 4.3 percent among all death-eligible cases is among the lowest in the nation and over two-thirds lower than the death-sentencing rate in pre-Furman Georgia

    Unveiling clones and integrons dynamics associated with carbapenemase-producing P. aeruginosa clinical isolates in a portuguese hospital

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    [Excerpt] Particular epidemic lineages (e.g. 235, 111, ST175 and 244) are associated with carbapenemase-producing P. aeruginosa (CPPA) isolates causing infections. Due to limited therapeutic options and possible carbapenemase spread, CPPA infections are of great concern. Nevertheless, the occurrence, genetic background and clonal dynamics over a long period of time of CPPA strains in Portuguese hospitals are unknown. The study aimed to assess the occurrence and the genetic background of CPPA isolates obtained from a Portuguese University Hospital. Carbapenem-resistant P. aeruginosa isolates obtained from different biological samples from inpatients attending the Hospital Geral de Santo António, Porto during 2006 (n=27) and 2011-3 (n=135) were included. Carbapenemase production was searched by Blue-Carba. Carbapenemase and associated integrons were characterized by PCRs and sequencing. Antimicrobial susceptibility was performed by disc diffusion, E-test and agar dilution methods. Clonality was assessed by MLST. The bla genes location was assessed by I-CeuI/ S1 PFGE and hybridization with specific probes. Plasmid analysis included identification of incompatibility groups by PCR and electrotransformation of P. aeruginosa PAO1. [...
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