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    On the Spontaneous CP Breaking at Finite Temperature in a Nonminimal Supersymmetric Standard Model

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    We study the spontaneous CP breaking at finite temperature in the Higgs sector in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with a gauge singlet. We consider the contribution of the standard model particles and that of stops, charginos, neutralinos, charged and neutral Higgs boson to the one-loop effective potential. Plasma effects for all bosons are also included. Assuming CP conservation at zero temperature, so that experimental constraints coming from, {\it e.g.}, the electric dipole moment of the neutron are avoided, and the electroweak phase transition to be of the first order and proceeding via bubble nucleation, we show that spontaneous CP breaking cannot occur inside the bubble mainly due to large effects coming from the Higgs sector. However, spontaneous CP breaking can be present in the region of interest for the generation of the baryon asymmetry, namely inside the bubble wall. The important presence of very tiny explicit CP violating phases is also commented.Comment: 28 pages, 4 figures available upon request, DFPD 94/TH/38 and SISSA 94/81-A preprint

    Search for the glueball candidates f0(1500) and fJ(1710) in gamma gamma collisions

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    Data taken with the ALEPH detector at LEP1 have been used to search for gamma gamma production of the glueball candidates f0(1500) and fJ(1710) via their decay to pi+pi-. No signal is observed and upper limits to the product of gamma gamma width and pi+pi- branching ratio of the f0(1500) and the fJ(1710) have been measured to be Gamma_(gamma gamma -> f0(1500)). BR(f0(1500)->pi+pi-) < 0.31 keV and Gamma_(gamma gamma -> fJ(1710)). BR(fJ(1710)->pi+pi-) < 0.55 keV at 95% confidence level.Comment: 10 pages, 3 figure
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