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    On the relation between supersoft X-ray sources and VY Scl stars: The cases of V504 Cen and VY Scl

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    We summarize our optical monitoring program of VY Scl stars with the SMARTS telescopes, and triggered X-ray as well as optical observations after/during state transitions of V504 Cen and VY Scl.Comment: 4 pages, Proc. of workshop "SuperSoft X-ray Sources - New Developments", ESTEC/Villafranca, May 2009, to appear in A

    Cumulant ratios in fully developed turbulence

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    In the context of random multiplicative cascade processes, we derive analytical solutions for one- and two-point cumulants with restored translational invariance. On taking ratios of cumulants in ln epsilon, geometrical effects due to spatial averaging cancel out. These ratios can successfully distinguish between splitting functions while multifractal scaling exponents and multiplier distributions cannot.Comment: 9th Workshop on Multiparticle Production (Torino), 9 pages latex, incl 9 figs and espcrc2.st

    Density correlators in a self-similar cascade

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    Multivariate density moments (correlators) of arbitrary order are obtained for the multiplicative self-similar cascade. This result is based on the calculation by Greiner, Eggers and Lipa (reference [1]) where the correlators of the logarithms of the particle densities have been obtained. The density correlators, more suitable for comparison with multiparticle data, appear to have even simpler form than those obtained in [1].Comment: 9 pages, 3 figures, uses epsfig.st

    A novel scenario for the production of antihyperons in relativistic heavy ion collisions

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    We elaborate on our recent suggestion on antihyperon production in relativistic heavy ion collisions by means of multi-mesonic (fusion-type) reactions. It will be shown that the (rare) antihyperons are driven towards chemical equilibrium with pions, nucleons and kaons on a timescale of 1--3 fm/c in a still moderately baryon-dense hadronic environment.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, Contr. to QM2001: 15th. International Conference on Ultra-Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collision

    Signatures of the quark gluon plasma: a personal overview

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    We first discuss, on a no-QGP basis, the two prominent indications of (a) enhanced strangeness production and of (b) anomalous J/¤łJ/\psi -suppression: We elaborate in particular on a recent idea of antihyperon production solely by multi-mesonic reactions. As a possible source for an enhanced dissociation of cc╦ëc \bar{c} pairs we summarize the findings within the 'early'-comover absorption scenario of prehadronic string excitations. As an exotic candidate we then finally adress the stochastic formation of so called disoriented chiral condensates: An experimentally feasible DCC, if it does exist, has to be a rare event following an unusual and nontrivial distribution on an event by event basis.Comment: 10 pages, 5 figures, uses ws-p8-50x6_00.cls style file, contribution for the proceedings of `Luederitz 2000: Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Modern Physics', November 2000, Luederitz, Namibi

    The Effect of Entertainment in Newspaper and Television News Coverage

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    In this paper, we analyze the equilibrium amount of entertainment in news coverage of newspapers and television stations. We find that a shift in the inclination to read, expressed by a shift in the (psychological) distance costs, induces both media outlets to incorporate more entertaining elements in news coverage. The introduction of commercial television, however, which leads to a unilateral fall in the distance costs to the television broadcast, yields different results. It induces a negative effect on the profits of both media outlets, and increases price competition. Furthermore, the newspaper offers less while the television channel offers more entertainment. Overall, this leads to a marginalization of informational content, as the television channel gains market shares at the expense of the newspaper
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