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    6-dimensional nearly Kaehler manifolds of cohomogeneity one

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    We consider 6-dimensional strict nearly Kaehler manifolds acted on by a compact, cohomogeneity one automorphism group G. We classify the compact manifolds of this class up to G-diffeomorphisms. We also prove that the manifold has constant sectional curvature whenever the group G is simple.Comment: 14 page

    Can parasitic gastro-enteritis be used as an indicator of welfare in organic sheep?

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    This report was presented at the UK Organic Research 2002 Conference. Organic livestock standards are designed to deliver good animal welfare but without an objective means of assessing welfare, it is difficult to know if they succeed. Existing assessment systems largely assess environmental requirements, rather than looking at animal behaviour or health. Parasitic gastro-enteritis (PGE) is recognised as being one of the most difficult diseases to prevent in organic livestock production. Monitoring systems for PGE can be used by organic farmers in their decision-making and could be one aspect of assessing animal welfare, particularly in relation to sheep. Results are presented of studies on an experimental organic beef/sheep farm and on commercial organic upland sheep farms. The usefulness of PGE control as an animal welfare indicator is discussed

    Making Work Pay for North Carolina's Low- and Moderate-Income Working Families

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    Argues for implementing a state EITC (earned income tax credit) modeled on the federal EITC. Includes data on North Carolina's income levels, state and local taxes as percentages of income, and potential benefits by county, family type, and income

    Workplace relations reform: summary and constitutionality

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    This article considers the likely constitutionality of the Federal Government's industrial relations reforms and their applicability to law firms given moves towards incorporated legal practices

    The Endgame: America’s Exit from Syria

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    Ever since the 2011 Arab Spring protests in Syria fueled civil war costing nearly half a million lives to date, the US response has been cautious indecision. Syria became a proxy war with Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, the Turks, ISIS, the Kurds, and the local Syrian opposition all competing to support or oust Assad. All but the Kurds and select Syrian resistance groups opposed America. With billions spent on questionable war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, President Obama, the American public, and most of the military establishment were leery of direct US involvement in Syria. Apart from supporting the fight against ISIS and half-hearted demands that Bashar al Assad step aside as leader of Syria, neither President Obama nor President Trump have committed US troops to achieving anything more comprehensive. Optimally, the US should encourage multilateral efforts to negotiate Assad’s removal from office with Russia, address Turkish fears of Kurdish independence, or pressure Iran and Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria. Under present circumstances facing US policymakers, such optimizing is illusory. Whatever the limits and possibilities of USFP in the region today, it is clear that America needs a tactical retreat to reconsolidate its power and purpose to fight its Russian and Iranian foes another day when the direct stakes for American interests are higher

    3Dactyl: Using WebGL to Represent Human Movement in 3D

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