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    The diffractive structure function at the Tevatron: CDF results

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    Results on hard diffraction from CDF are reviewed with emphasis on the determination of the diffractive structure function of the (anti)proton from single diffractive and double Pomeron exchange dijet production. Comparison of the diffractive dijet results with predictions based on diffractive deep inelastic scattering at HERA shows a breakdown of conventional QCD factorization. A similar breakdown is observed within the CDF results in comparing the structure functions obtained from single diffraction and double Pomeron exchange.Comment: 10 pages, Late

    Multigap diffraction at CDF

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    We present a study of pˉp\bar pp collisions with a leading antiptoton and a rapidity gap in addition to that associated with the antiproton. The second gap is either within the region available to the proton dissociation products, pˉ+p(pˉ+gap)+X+gap+Y\bar p+p\to (\bar p+gap)+X+gap+Y, or adjacent to the outgoing proton pˉ+p(pˉ+gap)+X+(gap+p)\bar p+p\to (\bar p+gap)+X+(gap+p). Results are reported for two-gap to one-gap event ratios and compared with one-gap to no-gap ratios and with theoretical expectations.Comment: 4 pages, LaTex; presented at Moriond-2002 for the CDF Collaboratio