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    Quantum Statistical Field Theory and Combinatorics

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    This is a set of review notes on combinatorial aspects of Bosonic quantum field theory. We collect together several related issues concerning moments of distributions, moments of stochastic processes and Ito's formula, and Green's functions and cumulant moments in quantum field theory.Comment: 50 pages, several figures, extended notes with up-dated reference

    Stochastic Schrodinger equations as limit of discrete filtering

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    We consider an open model possessing a Markovian quantum stochastic limit and derive the limit stochastic Schrodinger equations for the wave function conditioned on indirect observations using only the von Neumann projection postulate. We show that the diffusion (Gaussian) situation is universal as a result of the central limit theorem with the quantum jump (Poissonian) situation being an exceptional case. It is shown that, starting from the correponding limiting open systems dynamics, the theory of quantum filtering leads to the same equations, therefore establishing consistency of the quantum stochastic approach for limiting Markovian models.Comment: 21 pages, no figure
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