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    Neutrino Physics in 2020

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    Many talks at the 16th Lomonosov Conference, dedicated to Bruno Pontecorvo, detail the remarkable progress in neutrino physics over the last two decades. In this paper, I give an opinionated, and therefore likely inaccurate, review of the future, with some opinions on how both the physics situation and future facilities will develop, focusing on the year 2020.Comment: Submitted to the Proceedings of the 16th Lomonosov Conference, Moscow Russia, August 201

    Plans for Experiments to Measure θ13\theta_{13}

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    New experiments at accelerators and reactors are being designed to search for a possible non-zero value of the MNS matrix parameter theta_{13}.Comment: 8 pages, 1 figure, Contribution to the Proceedings of the 2003 Coral Gables Conference, December 2003, Fort Lauderdale Florid