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    Toric embedded resolutions of quasi-ordinary hypersurface singularities

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    We build two embedded resolution procedures of a quasi-ordinary singularity of complex analytic hypersurface, by using toric morphisms which depend only on the characteristic monomials associated to a quasi-ordinary projection of the singularity. This result answers an open problem of Lipman in Equisingularity and simultaneous resolution of singularities, Resolution of Singularities, Progress in Mathematics No. 181, 2000, 485-503. In the first procedure the singularity is embedded as hypersurface. In the second procedure, which is inspired by a work of Goldin and Teissier for plane curves (see Resolving singularities of plane analytic branches with one toric morphism,loc. cit., pages 315-340), we re-embed the singularity in an affine space of bigger dimension in such a way that one toric morphism provides its embedded resolution. We compare both procedures and we show that they coincide under suitable hypothesis.Comment: To apear in Annales de l'Institut Fourier (Grenoble

    Bijectiveness of the Nash Map for Quasi-Ordinary Hypersurface Singularities

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    In this paper we give a positive answer to a question of Nash concerning the arc space of a singularity, for the class of quasi-ordinary hypersurface singularities, extending to this case previous results and techniques of Shihoko Ishii.Comment: comments and references adde

    Optimal pre-merger notification mechanisms - incentives and efficiency of mandatory and voluntary schemes

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    The authors compare the two merger control systems currently employed worldwide: a mandatory system based on merger size threshold and a voluntary system with ex-post monitoring and fines. The voluntary system possesses two informational advantages: (i) the enforcement agency employs more information -verifiable and non verifiable parameters- to decide the set of mergers to investigate, and (ii) the first move of merging firms reveals useful information to the agency about the competitive risk of a merger. If fines for undue omission to notify are upward limited, then a mixed mechanism is optimal, where small transactions are under a voluntary regime while the big mergers are obliged to report. Remedies for fixing anticompetitive mergers act as an instrument that induces firms to notify the operation, improving further the advantage of the voluntary mechanism.Microfinance,Bankruptcy and Resolution of Financial Distress,Corporate Law,Economic Theory&Research,Small Scale Enterprise

    Toric Geometry and the Semple-Nash modification

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    This paper proposes some material towards a theory of general toric varieties without the assumption of normality. Their combinatorial description involves a fan to which is attached a set of semigroups subjected to gluing-up conditions. In particular it contains a combinatorial construction of the blowing up of a sheaf of monomial ideals on a toric variety. In the second part it is shown that over an algebraically closed base field of zero characteristic the Semple-Nash modification of a general toric variety is isomorphic to the blowing up of the sheaf of logarithmic jacobian ideals and that in any characteristic this blowing-up is an isomorphism if and only if the toric variety is non singular. In the second part we prove that orders on the lattice of monomials (toric valuations) of maximal rank are uniformized by iterated Sempla-Nash modifications.Comment: New version. Appeared in "Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales, Serie A Matematicas", October 2012 (Electronic

    Multi-Harnack smoothings of real plane branches

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    We introduce a new method for the construction of smoothings of a real plane branch (C,0)(C, 0) by using Viro Patchworking method. Since real plane branches are Newton degenerated in general, we cannot apply Viro Patchworking method directly. Instead we apply the Patchworking method for certain Newton non degenerate curve singularities with several branches. These singularities appear as a result of iterating deformations of the strict transforms of the branch at certain infinitely near points of the toric embedded resolution of singularities of (C,0)(C,0). We characterize the MM-smoothings obtained by this method by the local data. In particular, we analyze the class of multi-Harnack smoothings, those smoothings arising in a sequence MM-smoothings of the strict transforms of (C,0) which are in maximal position with respect to the coordinate lines. We prove that there is a unique the topological type of multi-Harnack smoothings, which is determined by the complex equisingularity type of the branch. This result is a local version of a recent Theorem of Mikhalkin

    Motivic Milnor fiber of a quasi-ordinary hypersurface

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    Let ff be a germ of complex analytic function at (Cd+1,0)({\mathbf{C}}^{d+1}, 0) such that its zero level defines an irreducible germ of quasi-ordinary hypersurface (S,0)(S,0). We describe the motivic Igusa zeta function, the motivic Milnor fibre and the Hodge-Steenbrink spectrum of ff at 0 in terms of topological invariants of the quasi-ordinary hypersurface (S,0)(S,0)

    Decomposition in bunches of the critical locus of a quasi-ordinary map

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    A polar hypersurface P of a complex analytic hypersurface germ, f=0, can be investigated by analyzing the invariance of certain Newton polyhedra associated to the image of P, with respect to suitable coordinates, by certain morphisms appropriately associated to f. We develop this general principle of Teissier (see Varietes polaires. I. Invariants polaires des singularites d'hypersurfaces, Invent. Math. 40 (1977), 3, 267-292) when f=0 is a quasi-ordinary hypersurface germ and P is the polar hypersurface associated to any quasi-ordinary projection of f=0. We build a decomposition of P in bunches of branches which characterizes the embedded topological type of the irreducible components of f=0. This decomposition is characterized also by some properties of the strict transform of P by the toric embedded resolution of f=0 given by the second author in a paper which will appear in Annal. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble). In the plane curve case this result provides a simple algebraic proof of the main theorem of Le, Michel and Weber in "Sur le comportement des polaires associees aux germes de courbes planes", Compositio Math, 72, (1989), 1, 87-113
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