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    A Research Paper on Social media: An Innovative Educational Tool

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    The topic “Social media: an innovative education tool†was undertaken to study the relevance and importance of social media which is an in-thing among the educational sector. In an era, where the glocal is the word to deine common platform for the people around the world to share and exchange their beliefs, culture, traditions, knowledge, views, etc. The study concludes that our education system needs change and social media should be widely utilized for the educational purposes. It is mainly used for the purpose of making presentations followed by assignment updates, better research and connectivity

    Analysis Of Infographics Usage In Leading Indian Newspapers

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    Infographics or the visual representation of data is a method to explain the written content in fast and effective way. It is more enriched means of communication. The newspapers in India use infographics to effectively deliver information along with providing design aesthetics to its readers. Use of infographics in Indian newspapers is increasing but nothing can be said assuredly without a scientific study. This study aims to scrutinize the usage pattern of infographics in leading Indian newspapers. For this study six leading newspapers according to Indian readership survey 2019 Quarter 4 have been selected. Three Hindi and English newspapers each have been selected and their usage of infographics has been analyzed. Results of this study points to usage of simple text-based infographics on the front page of most newspapers. When we compare English newspapers with Hindi newspapers on usage of infographics English newspapers take the lead. Hindi newspapers are slowly adapting to the demands of the present age media designs