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    Investigation of the Link between Media Acidity and pI in Obtaining Optimum Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering for Proteins

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    Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) is an important tool in the characterization of proteins, which can lead to vital information pertaining to biological functions. Spectra of lysozyme, bovine serum albumin (BSA), catalase, and hemoglobin were obtained using SERS on silver colloids with sodium sulfate as the aggregating agent. Optimization of the SERS was attempted through adjustment of the acidity of sulfate aggregating agent. A link was investigated between the pI (pH at which there is no net charge on the molecule) of the proteins and the pH of the solutions needed for optimum SERS. It was found that any pH higher than the pI of the protein would not result in readable Raman bands. SERS of each protein were obtainable at any pH below the protein’s pI and was enhanced until reaching a pH of approximately two. At any pH lower than two, SERS were not possible because of inability of the aggregating agent to work in extreme pH conditions

    Supporting a Student with Asperger’s Syndrome: Perspectives From The Student, Sibling, and Non-Familial Tutor

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    When working with a student with Asperger’s syndrome, tutoring strategies can vary depending on the person implementing them. The purpose of the presentation is to discuss current research in regards to successful tutoring strategies for students with Asperger’s syndrome, and which of these strategies have been successful in the high school student with Asperger’s syndrome’s academic endeavors. Dr. Shu-Fei Tsai, a faculty member of CWU, provided training on the use of self-management skills. Both the sibling and the tutor have been assisting the student with Asperger’s syndrome to implement self-management skills to track his academic work. The outcomes demonstrated that the student improved his assignment completion and academic performance through using self-management skills. The sibling and the tutor will discuss their experience of helping the student with Asperger’s syndrome. Furthermore, the student will share his voice of using these self-management abilities

    Prospectus, January 25, 2006

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    Prospectus, February 8, 2006

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    Barriers to Prolonged Student Led Civic Engagement: Utilizing a PESTLE analysis to Create Sustainable College Student Experiences and Activist Praxis that Withstand Annual StudentTransitions & Attrition

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    Participation in college student clubs and organizations has been linked to the development of student leadership skills and a life-long commitment to community engagement. While the impact of participation can be meaningful, student experiences like continued engagement in clubs and organizations can be hard to sustain due to a constant revolving door of students as they graduate and move on to new experiences. In order to sustain the impact that clubs and organizations have on college student engagement, students must determine how to sustain the experience itself and avoid the potential collapse that accompanies student attrition. Central Washington University’s Students With A Purpose (CWU SWAP) stumbled upon this barrier of sustainability in its third year of existence. Even though the students had found success early on while getting the club off the ground; they learned the hard way that success does not just repeat itself, but is something that needs to be cultivated and reassessed to create a sustainable organization. The 21/22 elected student leadership team conducted a PESTLE analysis to understand their organization’s position, potential, and direction in relation to macro-environmental factors that impact sustainability. This analysis was further used to create a strategic plan that assisted the students in building a foundation that would provide a sustainable organization that will withstand the challenge of attrition and continue on after their time at the institution has ended and can be further applied to other clubs and organizations seeking to do the same

    Prospectus, February 15, 2006

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    Prospectus, January 18, 2006

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    Prospectus, March 1, 2006

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