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    Diffraction in Charged Current DIS

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    We present the QCD calculation of the diffractive structure function for charged current DIS. In particular we analyse the perturbatively tractable excitation of heavy quarks. We emphasize the peculiarities of the Regge factorization breaking in excitation of open charm.Comment: 16 pages LateX, 5 eps figures include

    On the low x behaviour of nuclear shadowing

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    We calculate the x dependence of nuclear shadowing at moderate values of Q^2 by using HERA diffractive data and, for consistency, F2 parameterization of ZEUS. We show that no decrease of shadowing occurs down to very low x (x = 10^-4).Comment: 9 pages, submitted on june for publicatio

    Longitudinal and Transverse Nuclear Shadowing

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    Nuclear shadowing arises from multiple scattering of the hadronic fluctuations of the virtual photon in a nucleus. We predict different longitudinal and transverse shadowing and an A-dependence of R which can be up to a 50% effect. The possibility of detecting nuclear effects on R at HERA is discussed.Comment: latex, 6 page

    Double entanglement and quantum cryptography

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    We propose a quantum transmission based on bi-photons which are doubly-entangled both in polarisation and phase. This scheme finds a natural application in quantum cryptography, where we show that an eventual eavesdropper is bound to introduce a larger error on the quantum communication than for a single entangled bi-photon communication, when steeling the same information

    Limit quantum efficiency for violation of Clauser-Horne Inequality for qutrits

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    In this paper we present the results of numerical calculations about the minimal value of detection efficiency for violating the Clauser - Horne inequality for qutrits. Our results show how the use of non-maximally entangled states largely improves this limit respect to maximally entangled ones. A stronger resistance to noise is also found.Comment: Phys. Rev. A in pres

    Experimental realization of a measurement conditional unitary operation at single photon level and application to detector characterization

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    Our last experimental results on the realization of a measurement-conditional unitary operation at single photon level are presented. This gate operates by rotating by 90o90^o the polarization of a photon produced by means of Type-II Parametric Down Conversion conditional to a polarization measurement on the correlated photon. We then propose a new scheme for measuring the quantum efficiency of a single photon detection apparatus by using this set-up. We present experimental results obtained with this scheme compared with {\it traditional} biphoton calibration. Our results show the interesting potentiality of the suggested scheme.Comment: to appear in Proc. of SPIE meeting, Denver august 200
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