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    Anomaly, Charge Quantization and Family

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    We first review the three known chiral anomalies in four dimensions and then use the anomaly free conditions to study the uniqueness of quark and lepton representations and charge quantizations in the standard model. We also extend our results to theory with an arbitrary number of color. Finally, we discuss the family problem.Comment: 7 pages, LaTex file, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Nonperturbative Methods and Lattice QCD, Guangzhou, Chin

    Constraints on the Timeon Model

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    The timeon model recently proposed by Friedberg and Lee has a potential problem of flavor changing neutral currents (FCNCs) if the mass of the timeon is small. In order to avoid, we introduce a small dimensionless parameter to suppress FCNCs. Even in this case, we find that the timeon mass must be larger than 151 GeV to satisfy all the constraints from processes involving FCNCs in the quark sectors. We also extend the timeon model to the lepton sector and examine the leptonic processes.Comment: 10 pages, 1 figure, published version in PR
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