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    Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Porous Media and their Reflection and Transmission at a Pure Fluid/Porous Medium Permeable Interface

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    International audienceWe find a sufficient condition of hyperbolicity for a differential system governing the motion of a onedimensional porous medium, so ensuring the existence of a solution for the associated Cauchy problem. We study propagation of linear waves impacting at a pure-fluid/porous-medium interface and we deduce novel expressions for the reflection and transmission coefficients in terms of the spectral properties of the governing differential system. We show three dimensional plots drawing reflection and transmission coefficients as functions of Biot's parameters. In such a way we propose an indirect method for measuring Biot's parameters when the measurement of the reflection and transmission coefficients associated to the traveling waves is possible

    Toward a Universal Model of Breaking Waves on Shallow Water

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    Source: ICHE Conference Archive - https://mdi-de.baw.de/icheArchive

    Actor and Action Video Segmentation From a Sentence

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