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    Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Porous Media and their Reflection and Transmission at a Pure Fluid/Porous Medium Permeable Interface

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    International audienceWe find a sufficient condition of hyperbolicity for a differential system governing the motion of a onedimensional porous medium, so ensuring the existence of a solution for the associated Cauchy problem. We study propagation of linear waves impacting at a pure-fluid/porous-medium interface and we deduce novel expressions for the reflection and transmission coefficients in terms of the spectral properties of the governing differential system. We show three dimensional plots drawing reflection and transmission coefficients as functions of Biot's parameters. In such a way we propose an indirect method for measuring Biot's parameters when the measurement of the reflection and transmission coefficients associated to the traveling waves is possible

    Intellectual property in the digital economy: theoretical and practical aspects

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    Intellectual property is one of the key resources for the development of the digital economy. The results of the creative work of human intelligence contribute to the development of digital technologies, participate in the formation of an independent, global digital market, and provide significant income from the export of services in the field of intellectual property. The article reveals the essence of intellectual property and presents mechanisms for the dissemination of the results of intellectual activity. The relevance of the study lies in the growing role of intellectual property in the digital economy and in the need to timely understand the benefits of using digital technologies, assess the risks associated with the unfair use of intellectual property, transfer of science-intensive developments, the growth of cybercrime, and unauthorized access to personal data. The purpose of this study is to determine the possibilities of using digital technologies in the field of intellectual property management. The paper presents projects for the creation of information retrieval systems for registration and protection of intellectual property rights, notes software systems focused on platform solutions and the use of end-to-end technologies that allow automating operations related to the formal examination of applications for state registration of intellectual property objects. The necessity of developing transfer of the results of intellectual activity, which is a key element of the innovation process, facilitating the transfer of knowledge from the research environment to the real sector of the economy, has been substantiated. The specifics of licensing, which allows research organizations and innovative companies to transfer intellectual property to counterparties, using the capabilities of the market mechanism, are described. Based on the content analysis of the works of Russian and foreign scientists, the expediency of cooperation between academic organizations and manufacturing companies, which contributes to the activation of innovation and obtaining an increase in innovation, is noted. The advantages and disadvantages of using digital technologies in science and education, in exchange processes and commercial activities are determined. In conclusion, it is noted that managing the development of digital technologies requires adapting the regulatory legal framework of Russian and international legislation in the field of intellectual property to new types of relations arising in the formation of the digital economy
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