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    Unifying approach for fluctuation theorems from joint probability distributions

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    Any decomposition of the total trajectory entropy production for Markovian systems has a joint probability distribution satisfying a generalized detailed fluctuation theorem, when all the contributing terms are odd with respect to time reversal. The expression of the result does not bring into play dual probability distributions, hence easing potential applications. We show that several fluctuation theorems for perturbed non-equilibrium steady states are unified and arise as particular cases of this general result. In particular, we show that the joint probability distribution of the system and reservoir trajectory entropies satisfy a detailed fluctuation theorem valid for all times although each contribution does not do it separately

    Moduli spaces of holomorphic triples over compact Riemann surfaces

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    A holomorphic triple over a compact Riemann surface consists of two holomorphic vector bundles and a holomorphic map between them. After fixing the topological types of the bundles and a real parameter, there exist moduli spaces of stable holomorphic triples. In this paper we study non-emptiness, irreducibility, smoothness, and birational descriptions of these moduli spaces for a certain range of the parameter. Our results have important applications to the study of the moduli space of representations of the fundamental group of the surface into unitary Lie groups of indefinite signature, which we explore in a companion paper "Surface group representations in PU(p,q) and Higgs bundles". Another application, that we study in this paper, is to the existence of stable bundles on the product of the surface by the complex projective line. This paper, and its companion mentioned above, form a substantially revised version of math.AG/0206012.Comment: 44 pages. v2: minor clarifications and corrections, to appear in Math. Annale

    Convergent sequences of perturbative approximations for the anharmonic oscillator II. Compact time approach

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    We present an alternative pathway in the application of the variation improvement of ordinary perturbation theory exposed in [1] which can preserve the internal symmetries of a model by means of a time compactification.Comment: 21 pages, 4 Postscript figures available through anonymous ftp at ftp://algol.lpm.univ-montp2.fr ; replaces version which could not be postscripted presumably for lack of figures.uu fil
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