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    Convergent sequences of perturbative approximations for the anharmonic oscillator I. Harmonic approach

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    We present numerical evidence that a simple variational improvement of the ordinary perturbation theory of the quantum anharmonic oscillator can give a convergent sequence of approximations even in the extreme strong coupling limit, the purely anharmonic case. Some of the new techniques of this paper can be extended to renormalizable field theories.Comment: 29 pages, 12 Postscript figures available through anonymous ftp at ftp://algol.lpm.univ-montp2.fr ; replaces earlier version which could not be postscripted presumably due to lack of figures.uu fil

    Quantum computation of multifractal exponents through the quantum wavelet transform

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    We study the use of the quantum wavelet transform to extract efficiently information about the multifractal exponents for multifractal quantum states. We show that, combined with quantum simulation algorithms, it enables to build quantum algorithms for multifractal exponents with a polynomial gain compared to classical simulations. Numerical results indicate that a rough estimate of fractality could be obtained exponentially fast. Our findings are relevant e.g. for quantum simulations of multifractal quantum maps and of the Anderson model at the metal-insulator transition.Comment: 9 pages, 9 figure
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