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    Measurement Of Branching Fractions Of Rare Semi-Leptonic Ds Decays Ds → π0 L Îœ, Ds →ρ L Îœ, Ds →ks L Îœ (near ϒ (4s), ϒ (5s)) At Belle

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    In Particle physics, a flavor-less meson whose constituents are a quark and an anti-quark is known as quarkonium. Mesons which are formed by a bound state of charm quark and anti-charm quark are known as charmonium states. Different inspections of exotic charmonium states have been understood as 4-quark states. Charmonium states are produced via e+e− annihilation. We search at Belle, based on 119000 tagged events in the ϒ (4S) and ϒ (5S) energy regions, to look for Ds → π0 l Îœ, Ds →ρ l Îœ, Ds →Ks l Îœ ; considering the electron candidates as well the heavy electron counterpart muon candidates as the leptons. The reconstruction of e+ e- → cc ̅ containing Ds meson events proceeds in two steps. In the first step the inclusive Ds events are reconstructed and in the second step we look for the exclusive decays of our interests. We intend to probe the 4-quark content of Ds by looking for decays Ds → π0 l Îœ, Ds →ρ l Îœ. Also we look for Ds →Ks l Îœ decay because it is a Cabibbo suppressed decay and Ks shares the same final states with ρ. The Ds →Ks l Îœ is the world\u27s best. Our final results are presented and discussed

    Visceral Leishmaniasis

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    Clinically, leishmaniasis is of three types—visceral leishmaniasis (VL) or kala-azar, cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis (MCL). Post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL) is considered as a complication of VL. VL is characterized by fever, anemia and splenomegaly in a VL-endemic area (malaria excluded). A subject with such symptoms should be subjected to an rK39 strip test. Confirmation of diagnosis is made by demonstration of the parasite (Leishmania donovani) from samples obtained by aspiration of bone marrow or iliac crest puncture. Miltefosine, stibogluconate, amphotericin B, liposomal amphotericin B and paromomycin are effective available anti-leishmaniasis drugs. Vector (Phleblotomus argentipes) control for reduction of transmission and early diagnosis and complete treatment are essential elements of case management. There is no effective vaccine against VL. This review on VL aims at providing state-art knowledge on epidemiology, diagnosis and case-management and vaccine development

    Reduction of coherent betatron oscillations in a muon g-2 storage ring experiment using RF fields

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    This work demonstrates that two systematic errors, coherent betatron oscillations (CBO) and muon losses can be reduced through application of radio frequency (RF) electric fields, which ultimately increases the sensitivity of the muon g−2g-2 experiments. As the ensemble of polarized muons goes around a weak focusing storage ring, their spin precesses, and when they decay through the weak interaction, ÎŒ+→e+ÎœeΜΌˉ\mu^+ \rightarrow e^+ \nu_e \bar{\nu_\mu}, the decay positrons are detected by electromagnetic calorimeters. In addition to the expected exponential decay in the positron time spectrum, the weak decay asymmetry causes a modulation in the number of positrons in a selected energy range at the difference frequency between the spin and cyclotron frequencies, ωa\omega_\text{a}. This frequency is directly proportional to the magnetic anomaly aÎŒ=(g−2)/2a_\mu =(g-2)/2, where gg is the g-factor of the muon, which is slightly greater than 2. The detector acceptance depends on the radial position of the muon decay, so the CBO of the muon bunch following injection into the storage ring modulate the measured muon signal with the frequency ωCBO\omega_\text{CBO}. In addition, the muon populations at the edge of the beam hit the walls of the vacuum chamber before decaying, which also affects the signal. Thus, reduction of CBO and unwanted muon loss increases the aÎŒa_\mu measurement sensitivity. Numerical and experimental studies with RF electric fields yield more than a magnitude reduction of the CBO, with muon losses comparable to the conventional method.Comment: 14 pages, 25 figure

    Amino Acid Compositions of 27 Food Fishes and Their Importance in Clinical Nutrition

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    Proteins and amino acids are important biomolecules which regulate key metabolic pathways and serve as precursors for synthesis of biologically important substances; moreover, amino acids are building blocks of proteins. Fish is an important dietary source of quality animal proteins and amino acids and play important role in human nutrition. In the present investigation, crude protein content and amino acid compositions of important food fishes from different habitats have been studied. Crude protein content was determined by Kjeldahl method and amino acid composition was analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography and information on 27 food fishes was generated. The analysis showed that the cold water species are rich in lysine and aspartic acid, marine fishes in leucine, small indigenous fishes in histidine, and the carps and catfishes in glutamic acid and glycine. The enriched nutrition knowledge base would enhance the utility of fish as a source of quality animal proteins and amino acids and aid in their inclusion in dietary counseling and patient guidance for specific nutritional needs

    Differential cross section measurements for the production of a W boson in association with jets in proton–proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV

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    Measurements are reported of differential cross sections for the production of a W boson, which decays into a muon and a neutrino, in association with jets, as a function of several variables, including the transverse momenta (pT) and pseudorapidities of the four leading jets, the scalar sum of jet transverse momenta (HT), and the difference in azimuthal angle between the directions of each jet and the muon. The data sample of pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV was collected with the CMS detector at the LHC and corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 5.0 fb[superscript −1]. The measured cross sections are compared to predictions from Monte Carlo generators, MadGraph + pythia and sherpa, and to next-to-leading-order calculations from BlackHat + sherpa. The differential cross sections are found to be in agreement with the predictions, apart from the pT distributions of the leading jets at high pT values, the distributions of the HT at high-HT and low jet multiplicity, and the distribution of the difference in azimuthal angle between the leading jet and the muon at low values.United States. Dept. of EnergyNational Science Foundation (U.S.)Alfred P. Sloan Foundatio

    Optimasi Portofolio Resiko Menggunakan Model Markowitz MVO Dikaitkan dengan Keterbatasan Manusia dalam Memprediksi Masa Depan dalam Perspektif Al-Qur`an