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    Public libraries in the social accountability of local administrations

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    This work represents a first reflection with respect to certain issues such as: - the importance of social reporting, and in particular the use of the social accountability for public libraries Italian in order to communicate more effectively on the outside their values; being generally recognized the effectiveness of the balance for the purposes of reporting, there does not seem to be any reasons why libraries should not take advantage of such an instrument; - a higher visibility of public libraries, perceived not only by the professionals in the industry, but also by the public administrations, in order to make more significant component the local librarian within the administrations of reference, as agency for change in the community and therefore of necessary service; - analysis of best practices to recognized today, in order to highlight the methodologies and the main features of some excellent Italian examples; - Proposal for a methodology of investigation, through which retrieve the information necessary for the preparation of a social accountability, based on standard can also be used in scope librarian, as ISO 2789, 11620, 16489

    Digitization Projects of Documentary Collections in Academic Libraries

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    This paper is focused on digitization projects of documentary collections in academic libraries. The aim of the work is to suggest an evaluation of digitization projects by using a set of parameters deduced by the observation of national and international models. To create this evaluation scheme it has been necessary to look at the recent national and international academic literature and compare different case studies. The parameters were created by thinking about the whole process of digitization and also taking into consideration an user centred evaluation. The created evaluation scheme has been tested on a sample of digitization projects of Italian, European and American academic libraries. With this kind of analysis it has been possible to check the validity of the evaluation scheme created, to identify points of strength and of weakness within the Italian system and to compare it with the international best practices analyzed

    Modelli e spunti per la rendicontazione sociale delle biblioteche pubbliche

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    This paper is focused on the value of social accountability in public libraries. After a previous work centred on Italian situation, with this one we've tried to understand the state of social accountability in American public libraries and to compare it with the Italian one. During this work we've found a new interesting initiative from the Public Libraries Association: the Project Outcome that is based on the importance of the evaluation of libraries' impact starting from the users and on their involvement to define the real value of a public library in its context

    Le biblioteche pubbliche nella rendicontazione sociale degli enti locali

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    Questo lavoro rappresenta una prima riflessione rispetto ad alcune tematiche quali: – l’importanza della rendicontazione sociale, e in particolare dell’utilizzo del bilancio sociale per le biblioteche pubbliche italiane al fine di comunicare in modo più efficace all’esterno i propri valori; – una visibilità maggiore delle biblioteche pubbliche, percepita non solo dai professionisti del settore, ma anche dalle pubbliche amministrazioni, al fine di rendere più significativa la componente bibliotecaria locale all’interno delle amministrazioni di riferimento, in qualità di agenzia del cambiamento per la comunità e pertanto di servizio necessario; – l’analisi delle best practices a oggi riconosciute, al fine di evidenziare le metodologie e le caratteristiche principali di alcuni eccellenti esempi italiani; – proposta di una metodologia di indagine, attraverso la quale recuperare le informazioni necessarie alla redazione di un bilancio sociale, basata su standard utilizzabili anche in ambito bibliotecario, quali ISO 2789, 11620, 16489

    Rearrangements of ATP5L-KMT2A in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

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    Recent genomic studies have identified a wide range of novel genetic alterations that have substantially increased our knowledge of the biology of B- and T-progenitor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (B-ALL, T-ALL) and defined new subtypes with prognostic and therapeutic relevance.1-4 Thanks to the use of transcriptome sequencing approaches, new cryptic fusion transcripts have been described, such as the ATP5L-KMT2A gene fusion, described by Gestrich et al. in a 14-month-old patient with aggressive B-ALL.5 ATP5L or ATP5MG (ATP Synthase Membrane Subunit G) catalyzes ATP synthesis during oxidative phosphorylation.6 This protein has recently been reported to interact with a SARS-CoV-2 protein.7 The histone lysine [K]-methyl transferase 2A (KMT2A) gene is a transcriptional coactivator that plays an essential role in regulating gene expression during early development and haematopoiesis. It is frequently rearranged to over 135 translocation partner genes in acute leukaemias.8 ATP5L is a novel KMT2A fusion partner not detectable by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) or karyotype, due to the closeness of the two genes on chromosome 11q23. The Cleveland Medical Centre team found a reciprocal out-of-frame ATP5L-KMT2A rearrangement that juxtaposes the ATP5L exon 1 to the KMT2A exon 2, with the insertion of an extra nucleotide (G) at the fusion site.5 We sequenced leukaemic cells from eight adult ALL patients (two T-ALL, five B-ALL Philadelphia negative (Ph−) and one B-ALL Ph+; Table I) by a 199 gene RNA-sequencing panel (RNA-seq; Pan-Heme FusionPlex, ArcherDx Inc., Boulder, CO, USA).The study was supported by European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) (GA 306242-NGS-PTL) and Associazione Italiana Leucemie (AIL)

    In BCR-ABL1 Positive B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Steroid Therapy Induces Hypofibrinogenemia

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    Hypofibrinogenemia (HF) in adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) of B lineage is uncommon and mostly associated with asparaginase (ASP) delivery. Since we noticed a significant reduction in fibrinogen (FBG) plasma levels even before the first ASP dose, we aim to assess the levels of FBG during induction treatment and explore if the FBG fall correlated with therapies other than asparaginase and/or specific leukemia biological features. We retrospectively analyzed FBG levels in 115 patients with B-ALL. In 74 (64%) out of 115 patients FBG decline occurred during the steroid prephase. In univariate analysis, such a steroid-related HF was significantly associated with BCR-ABL1 rearrangement (p = 0.00158). None of those experiencing HF had significant modifications of liver function tests during induction treatment. Our retrospective study suggests that in B-ALL, steroid therapy can also induce HF and that such an event is preferentially observed in patients carrying BCR-ABL1 rearrangements. The pathogenesis of this phenomenon is still unclear. We attempt to explain it by applying the International Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis-Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation score (ISTH-DIC score); nonetheless additional studies are needed to clarify further the mechanisms of HF in this subset of patients

    Candida Colonization Index in Patients Admitted to an ICU

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    Multiple-site colonization with Candida spp. is commonly recognized as a risk factor for invasive fungal infection in critically ill patients. We carried out a study to determine the relationship between Candida colonization and invasive infection in neurological patients admitted to an ICU. At admission (T0) and every three days for two weeks, different samples (pharynx swab, tracheal secretions, stomach contents, etc.) were collected for mycological surveillance. Candida mannan antigen and Candida anti-mannan antibodies were assayed. The Colonization Index (CI) and Corrected Colonization Index were calculated for each time point. Of all patients 70% was already colonized by Candida spp. at T0 and six of them had CI ≥ 0.5. Three patients developed candidemia; they had CI ≥ 0.5 before infection. Positive values of Candida mannan antigen and anti-mannan antibodies were found only in the patients with candidemia. The sensitivity and specificity of the Candida mannan test were 66.6% and 100%, respectively, while the sensitivity and specificity of the anti-mannan antibody test were 100%. In accordance with other authors, we find the surveillance cultures are useful to monitor the Candida colonization in ICU patients. In addition, the sequential observation of anti-mannan antibodies could contribute to early diagnosis of candidiasis more than Candida mannan antigen in immunocompetent patients

    Estudio clínico y molecular en una familia con displasia ectodérmica hipohidrótica autosómica dominante

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    Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED) is a rare disease characterized by deficiency in development of structure derived from the ectoderm and is caused by mutations in the genes EDA, EDAR, or EDARADD. Phenotypes caused by mutations in these three may exhibit similar clinical features, explained by a common signaling pathway. Mutations in EDA gene cause X linked HED, which is the most common form. Mutations in EDAR and EDARADD genes cause autosomal dominant and recessive form of HED. The most striking clinical findings in HED are hypodontia, hypotrichosis and hypohidrosis that can lead to episodes of hyperthermia. We report on clinical findings in a child with HED with autosomal dominant inheritance pattern with a heterozygous mutation c.1072C>T (p.Arg358X) in the EDAR gene. A review of the literature with regard to other cases presenting the same mutation has been carried out and discussed

    Public Libraries in the Social Accountability of Local Administrations

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    The work has been jointly planned and organised as well as the final conclusions; Maria Maiorano wrote paragraphs 1, 3, 4; Ilaria Giglio paragraphs 2, 5, 6 1. An overview The situation of Italian public libraries is actually rather disparate: some examples are close to the best European experiences, but the best part of them fail to meet international standards. Computerisation and disintermediation characterise our society, they tend to reduce the value of librarian institutions and undermin..