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    Anomalies and Invertible Field Theories

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    We give a modern geometric viewpoint on anomalies in quantum field theory and illustrate it in a 1-dimensional theory: supersymmetric quantum mechanics. This is background for the resolution of worldsheet anomalies in orientifold superstring theory.Comment: 21 pages, based talk at String-Math 2013; small corrections in v

    Special Kahler Manifolds

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    We give an intrinsic definition of the special geometry which arises in global N=2 supersymmetry in four dimensions. The base of an algebraic integrable system exhibits this geometry, and with an integrality hypothesis any special Kahler manifold is so related to an integrable system. The cotangent bundle of a special Kahler manifold carries a hyperkahler metric. We also define special geometry in supergravity in terms of the special geometry in global supersymmetry.Comment: 29 pages, amstex, revised version contains minor corrections, to appear in Commun. Math. Phy
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