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    Stationary axisymmetric solutions of five dimensional gravity

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    We consider stationary axisymmetric solutions of general relativity that asymptote to five dimensional Minkowski space. It is known that this system has a hidden SL(3,R) symmetry. We identify an SO(2,1) subgroup of this symmetry group that preserves the asymptotic boundary conditions. We show that the action of this subgroup on a static solution generates a one-parameter family of stationary solutions carrying angular momentum. We conjecture that by repeated applications of this procedure one can generate all stationary axisymmetric solutions starting from static ones. As an example, we derive the Myers-Perry black hole starting from the Schwarzschild solution in five dimensions.Comment: 31 pages, LaTeX; references adde

    Reduction without reduction: Adding KK-monopoles to five dimensional stationary axisymmetric solutions

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    We present a general method to add KK-monopole charge to any asymptotically flat stationary axisymmetric solution of five dimensional General Relativity. The technique exploits the underlying SL(3,R) invariance of the system by identifying a particular element of the symmetry group which changes the asymptotic boundary condition and adds KK-monopole charge. Furthermore, we develop a set of technical tools which allow us to apply the SL(3,R) transformations to solutions produced by the Inverse Scattering method. As an example of our methods, we construct the exact solution describing a static black ring carrying KK-monopole charge.Comment: 36 pages, 3 figures, LaTeX, minor typos fixe