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    Design and Fabrication of a Sporting Clay Launcher

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    Timing information at HL-LHC: Complete determination of masses of Dark Matter and Long lived particle

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    A long standing problem in kinematics at the hadron colliders is to determine the mass of invisible particles. This issue is particularly important for the signals of dark matter, which becomes one of the prominent targets of future collider experiments. In this paper, we show that the additional information from the precise timing measurement, which will be available at the planned high-liminosity run of the LHC (HL-LHC), will shade new light on the kinematics study. As a concrete example, we focus on the signal of the pair produced long-lived particles (LLP1,2LLP_{1,2}), respectively leaving displaced vertex with visible (V1,2V_{1,2}) and invisible (I1,2I_{1,2}) final state, pp→LLP1+LLP2→(V1+I1)+(V2+I2)pp \to LLP_1+LLP_2 \to (V_1+I_1)+(V_2+I_2). We explicitly show that this system is completely solvable with timing information.Comment: 14 pages, 5 figure

    Timing information at HL-LHC: complete determination of masses of dark matter and long lived particle

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    A long-standing kinematic challenge in data analysis at hadron colliders is the determination of the masses of invisible particles. This issue is particularly relevant in searches for evidence of dark matter production, which remains one of the prominent targets of future collider experiments. In this paper, we show that the additional information from the precision timing measurements, provided by planned detector upgrades during the high- luminosity run of the LHC (HL-LHC), allows for previously unrealizable measurements of invisible particle kinematics. As a concrete example, we focus on the signal of pair produced long-lived particles (LLP1,2), each decaying with a displaced vertex to visible (V1,2) and invisible (I1,2) final state particles, pp → LLP1 + LLP2 → (V1 + I1) + (V2 + I2). We explicitly show that the complete kinematics of the invisible particles in such events can be determined with the addition of timing information, and evaluate the precision with which the masses of new long-lived and invisible particles can be determined

    Optimasi Portofolio Resiko Menggunakan Model Markowitz MVO Dikaitkan dengan Keterbatasan Manusia dalam Memprediksi Masa Depan dalam Perspektif Al-Qur`an

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    Risk portfolio on modern finance has become increasingly technical, requiring the use of sophisticated mathematical tools in both research and practice. Since companies cannot insure themselves completely against risk, as human incompetence in predicting the future precisely that written in Al-Quran surah Luqman verse 34, they have to manage it to yield an optimal portfolio. The objective here is to minimize the variance among all portfolios, or alternatively, to maximize expected return among all portfolios that has at least a certain expected return. Furthermore, this study focuses on optimizing risk portfolio so called Markowitz MVO (Mean-Variance Optimization). Some theoretical frameworks for analysis are arithmetic mean, geometric mean, variance, covariance, linear programming, and quadratic programming. Moreover, finding a minimum variance portfolio produces a convex quadratic programming, that is minimizing the objective function ðð¥with constraintsð ð 𥠥 ðandð´ð¥ = ð. The outcome of this research is the solution of optimal risk portofolio in some investments that could be finished smoothly using MATLAB R2007b software together with its graphic analysis

    Search for heavy resonances decaying to two Higgs bosons in final states containing four b quarks