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    Effects of the restoration actions to combat desertification on soils: the practice project study site in Pula (Sardinia, Italy)

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    Land Degradation and Desertification affect much of the world’s drylands, resulting in a significant loss of biological and economic productivity. Responding to desertification by improving the efficiency of land and resource management represents a crucial step towards social welfare in drylands. However, the evaluation of the actions to combat desertification remains limited. The PRACTICE EC-FP7 project develops and tests integrated evaluation protocols to assess the effectiveness of restoration practices in a network of study sites distributed among the most LD affected regions of the world

    Studio e Simulazione del Mode Cleaner di Ingresso di VIRGO.

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    Il presente lavoro è dedicato alla rivelazione interferometrica di onde gravitazionali. Saranno esposte le caratteristiche dell'interferometro VIRGO e verranno analizzate le tecnologie adottate per raggiungere l'estrema sensibilità necesaria. In particolare abbiamo eseguito uno studio delle cavità risonanti sia dal punto di vista teorico che attraverso simulazioni eseguite tramite il software SIESTA, sviluppato appositamente per VIRGO

    CMS discovery potential of Z'-> mu mu signal in early LHC collisions and a first evaluation of the detector performance using cosmic ray data

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    Il presente lavoro descrive le potenzialitĂ  di scoperta di un segnale di Z' nel canale a due muoni nello stato finale utilizzando il rivelatore CMS, installato nel tunnel di LHC al CERN di Ginevra. Inoltre sono presentati alcuni risultati, indicativi delle performance del rivelatore, ottenuti tramite l'analisi di muoni da raggi cosmici. Una appendice finale descrive inoltre le attivitĂ  dell' INFN di Pisa volta all'upgrade del tracciatore interno per il futuro progetto Super-LHC

    <i>Fusarium roseum</i> var. <i>avenaceum</i> (Sacc.) Snyd. et Hans. agente di un « marciume molle» dei frutti di pomodoro in coltura protetta

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    The Authors report on the results of researches about a serious soft rot of greenhouse tomato fruits recently found in Sardinia (Italy). The disease symptoms and the characters of its causal agent, identified as Fusarium roseum var. avenaceum (Sacc.) Snyd. et Hans., are described. In laboratory, the influence of temperature, pH, and several culture media on growth and sporulation of the fungus, has been investigated. Artificial infection tests on tomato showed the high pathogenicity of the fungus to fruits only, but not to other plant organs

    Simulation of optical observables for space missions to small bodies

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    The navigation of deep space spacecraft requires accurate measurement of the probe’s state and attitude with respect to a body whose ephemerides may not be known with good accuracy. The heliocentric state of the spacecraft is estimated through radiometric techniques (ranging, Doppler, and Delta-DOR), while optical observables can be introduced to improve the uncertainty in the relative position and attitude with respect to the target body. In this study, we analyze how simulated optical observables affect the estimation of parameters in an orbit determination problem, considering the case of the ESA’s Hera mission towards the binary asteroid system composed of Didymos and Dimorphos. To this extent, a shape model and a photometric function are used to create synthetic onboard camera images. Then, using a stereophotoclinometry technique on some of the simulated images, we create a database of maplets that describe the 3D geometry of the surface around a set of landmarks. The matching of maplets with the simulated images provides the optical observables, expressed as pixel coordinates in the camera frame, which are fed to an orbit determination filter to estimate a certain number of solve-for parameters. The noise introduced in the output optical observables by the image processing can be quantified using as a metric the quality of the residuals, which is used to fine-tune the maplet-matching parameters. In particular, the best results are obtained when using small maplets, with high correlation coefficients and occupation factors

    Safe introduction of laparoscopic and retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy in clinical practice: impact of a modular training program

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    Purpose: To describe and validate a novel modular training scheme (MTS) for trans-peritoneal laparoscopic nephrectomy (LN) and retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy (RN). Methods: Four consultant urologists attended a Masterclass in âAdvanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery,â certified by the University of Turin (IT). The Masterclass was based on a supervised MTS, which involved progressive, proficiency-based training through nine and seven steps for LN and RN, respectively. After becoming proficient in all the steps, each trainee performed a minimum of five procedures as first operator under direct observation of the mentor in the training centre. Then, each trainee independently performed 10 LN and 10 RN at his home institution. The surgical outcomes were compared with those from a contemporary series of procedures performed by the mentor. Results: All trainees successfully completed the 12-week MTS program. Median number of training cases to become competent in trans-peritoneal LN and RN was 13.0 (IQR 11.5â20.5) and 23.5 (IQR 19.5â32.0), respectively. A significantly higher rate of conversion to open surgery was observed for RNs independently performed by the trainees in their hospital compared to the mentor (p = 0.033). Failure to progress due to difficult anatomical orientation and abdominal wall bleeding during dissection of retroperitoneal space were the most frequent reasons of conversion. Conclusions: A 12-week intensive modular program allows to achieve proficiency in performing independently LN and a RN after a median of 13 and 23.5 cases, respectively. Therefore, these procedures can be safely introduced and implemented in clinical practice within a relatively short time
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