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    Higher-order supersymmetric quantum mechanics

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    We review the higher-order supersymmetric quantum mechanics (H-SUSY QM), which involves differential intertwining operators of order greater than one. The iterations of first-order SUSY transformations are used to derive in a simple way the higher-order case. The second order technique is addressed directly, and through this approach unexpected possibilities for designing spectra are uncovered. The formalism is applied to the harmonic oscillator: the corresponding H-SUSY partner Hamiltonians are ruled by polynomial Heisenberg algebras which allow a straight construction of the coherent states.Comment: 42 pages, 12 eps figure

    Letter from the Editor

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    Using design thinking to help practitioners and front desk staff schedule follow up appointments

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    Due to an increase of calls at the front desk, Western Connecticut Health Network has systemized scheduling through call centers. In Newtown Family Medicine, clinical staff become responsible for helping patients navigate between two call centers in order to schedule appointments or schedule imaging. I used design thinking to create stickers that saved practitioners time explaining the process and decrease patient confusion.https://scholarworks.uvm.edu/fmclerk/1576/thumbnail.jp

    Community Development in Dynamic Neighborhoods: Synchronizing Services and Strategies with Immigrant Communities

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    Community development organizations must be increasingly cognizant of and responsive to their changing neighborhoods. Major demographic factors related to the growth and influx of recent immigrants to the United States are having a notable impact on many communities. Through a review of current research and interviews with leading experts and practitioners of community development organizations, private lenders and governmental agencies, this analysis explores (1) the importance of immigrants in community development, (2) the response of community development organizations to recent demographic shifts, and (3) the challenges and opportunities practitioners face when connecting immigrants to their communities.Despite growing research about the implications of immigrant markets for the private sector, there is little research about the role and contributions of community development organizations in the integration of new immigrants. Immigration trends and characteristics are different today than those of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This research concludes that these new demographics drive much of the dynamic change in cities across the United States. CDOs can best address the changes at the local level, but need more data and market analysis of neighborhood trends. These organizations are in a key position to connect newcomers not only to long-term housing, but also to business development, jobs and leadership opportunities through strategic partnerships and planning

    Results from DELPHI on the searches for SM and MSSM Neutral Higgs bosons

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    These final results from DELPHI searches for the Standard Model SM Higgs boson, together with benchmark scans of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model MSSM neutral Higgs bosons, used data taken at centre-of-mass energies between 200 and 209GeV with a total integrated luminosity of 224inv. pb.The data from 192 to 202GeV are reanalysed with improved b-tagging for MSSM final states decaying to four b-quarks. The 95% confidence level lower mass bound on the Standard Model Higgs boson is 114.1GeV. Mass limits are also given on the lightest scalar and pseudo-scalar Higgs bosons of the MSSM.Comment: Invited talk at the XXIII Physics in Collisions Conference (PIC03), Zeuthen, Germany, June 2003, 3 pages, LaTeX, 2 eps figures. PSN FRAP0
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