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    Comparative analysis of cutting fluids

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    The article contains the results of seven working tests of cutting fluids for metal-cutting equipment. The results of the analysis were evaluated by experts, including process engineers, chemical engineers, foremen and production machine operators in the following areas: turning, drilling, milling, sawing, grinding, threading, boring works. The analysis made it possible to determine the scope of application of cutting fluids depending on the volume and rhythm of the work, the operating conditions of the cutting fluids, the requirements of the design and technological documentation taking into account the final cost of the cutting fluids used. The problem of determining an accelerated system of practical tests for cutting fluids to evaluate the effectiveness of using a particular product before conducting the production tests on machine equipment is considered. For this, criteria for evaluating the cutting fluids are proposed using the weighting method to ensure informed decision-making in the choice of a cutting fluid for admission to full-fledged production tests. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd