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    Remarks on spectral gaps on the Riemannian path space

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    In this paper, we will give some remarks on links between the spectral gap of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator on the Riemannian path space with lower and upper bounds of the Ricci curvature on the base manifold; this work was motivated by a recent work of A. Naber on the characterization of the bound of the Ricci curvature by analysis of path spaces

    Estimation of Dynamic Mixed Double Factors Model in High Dimensional Panel Data

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    The purpose of this article is to develop the dimension reduction techniques in panel data analysis when the number of individuals and indicators is large. We use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method to represent large number of indicators by minority common factors in the factor models. We propose the Dynamic Mixed Double Factor Model (DMDFM for short) to re ect cross section and time series correlation with interactive factor structure. DMDFM not only reduce the dimension of indicators but also consider the time series and cross section mixed effect. Different from other models, mixed factor model have two styles of common factors. The regressors factors re flect common trend and reduce the dimension, error components factors re ect difference and weak correlation of individuals. The results of Monte Carlo simulation show that Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) estimators have good unbiasedness and consistency. Simulation also shows that the DMDFM can improve prediction power of the models effectively.Comment: 38 pages, 2 figure

    Effect of sea quarks on the single-spin asymmetries ALW±A^{W^{\pm}}_{L} in polarized pp collisions at RHIC

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    We calculate the single-spin asymmetries ALW±A^{W^{\pm}}_{L} of W±W^{\pm} bosons produced in polarized pp collisions with the valence part of the up and down quark helicity distributions modeled by the light-cone quark-spectator-diquark model while the sea part helicity distributions of the up and down quarks treated as parametrization. Comparing our results with those from experimental data at RHIC, we find that the helicity distributions of sea quarks play an important role in the determination of the shapes of ALW±A^{W^{\pm}}_{L}. It is shown that ALW−A^{W^{-}}_{L} is sensitive to Δuˉ\Delta \bar u, while ALW+A^{W^{+}}_{L} to Δdˉ\Delta \bar d intuitively. The experimental data of the polarized structure functions and the sum of helicities are also important to constrain the sizes of quark helicity distributions both for the sea part and the valence part of the nucleon.Comment: 19 latex pages, 5 figures, final version for publicatio

    Trade Liberalization and Trade Performance of Environmental Goods: Evidence from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Members

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    In this article, we study the impact of trade liberalization, including reductions in both tariff and nontariff trade barriers, on environmental goods (EGs) exports. Using bilateral trade data from 20 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation members, we find that tariff reduction in an exporting country has a larger positive impact on its exports of EGs than tariff reduction in an importing country. Our results also show that a lower nontariff barrier in an importing country increases its imports of EGs. A considerable amount of heterogeneity also exists in subsample results based on countries’ income levels
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