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    New transformation of Wigner operator in phase space quantum mechanics for the two-mode entangled case

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    As a natural extension of Fan's paper (arXiv: 0903.1769vl [quant-ph]) by employing the formula of operators' Weyl ordering expansion and the bipartite entangled state representation we find new two-fold complex integration transformation about the Wigner operator (in its entangled form) in phase space quantum mechanics and its inverse transformation. In this way, some operator ordering problems can be solved and the contents of phase space quantum mechanics can be enriched.Comment: 8 pages, 0 figure

    The national image of global brands

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    As the Chinese use characters based on ideograms, international brands have to choose a proper Chinese name for the market. This paper presents the findings from a detailed study of the Chinese names of 100 international brands along three dimensions: translation methods, cultural values and brand positioning. The main findings are: a) in choosing a new name the meaning is given more emphasis than its sound though it is still desirable to maintain phonetic links to the original; b) after linguistic issues, the three most important factors affecting renaming are: reflecting product benefits, brand positioning and cultural values. The translation gives an international brand not just a Chinese name, but also a distinctive local image; c) global brand and local image is a paradox to be addressed. In the previous studies localising an international brand is largely viewed as a passive translation process. This study has shown that renaming can be a value-added process. It provides an opportunity to re-cast the brand in the new market, creating a unique global-local image that enhances the original’s brand equity