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    Measurement of the tt-channel single-top quark production cross section at 13 TeV with the CMS detector

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    The electroweak production of single-top quarks in the tt channel can be changed by any deviation from the standard model, it is therefore an excellent opportunity to search for new physics. In this poster the recent cross-section measurement performed by the CMS collaboration is presented with the full 2015 dataset of the LHC Run II at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV. The cross section and the top/antitop ratio is extracted using a binned maximum likelihood fit to the distribution of a multivariate classifier in events containing one isolated muon in the final state.Comment: proceedings for poster presented at International Workshop on Top Quark Physics, Olomouc, Czech Republic, September 19-23, 201

    Top Properties and Asymmetry measurements at the LHC

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    More than 100 million top quarks were produced during Run 2 of the LHC. With this data set the ATLAS and CMS collaborations are able to measure a broad spectrum of different properties of the top quark. In addition, limits on various different models for physics beyond the standard model can be set by probing the couplings of the top quark. This talk presents the latest results of these measurements by both collaborations at the LHC

    Measurement of t(t)over-bar normalised multi-differential cross sections in pp collisions at root s=13 TeV, and simultaneous determination of the strong coupling strength, top quark pole mass, and parton distribution functions

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    Measurement of the top quark forward-backward production asymmetry and the anomalous chromoelectric and chromomagnetic moments in pp collisions at ‚ąös = 13 TeV