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    Rough index theory on spaces of polynomial growth and contractibility

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    We will show that for a polynomially contractible manifold of bounded geometry and of polynomial volume growth every coarse and rough cohomology class pairs continuously with the K-theory of the uniform Roe algebra. As an application we will discuss non-vanishing of rough index classes of Dirac operators over such manifolds, and we will furthermore get higher-codimensional index obstructions to metrics of positive scalar curvature on closed manifolds with virtually nilpotent fundamental groups. We will give a computation of the homology of (a dense, smooth subalgebra of) the uniform Roe algebra of manifolds of polynomial volume growth.Comment: v4: final version, to appear in J. Noncommut. Geom. v3: added a computation of the homology of (a smooth subalgebra of) the uniform Roe algebra. v2: added as corollaries to the main theorem the multi-partitioned manifold index theorem and the higher-codimensional index obstructions against psc-metrics, added a proof of the strong Novikov conjecture for virtually nilpotent groups, changed the titl

    Operational slope-limiting circuit

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    Circuit limits slope of arbitrary waveform to avoid exceeding rate limit of subsequent amplifier, or to form trapezoidal wave with adjustable rise and fall rates from square wave of arbitrary frequency. Integrator provides delay needed to develop output waveform. DC coupling is used to preserve original dc offset

    Constructing Camelot: John F. Kennedy and the 1946 Massachusetts special congressional election

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    This is a study targeting the political debut of a great American figurehead. Before he was President, John F. Kennedy was a soft-spoken and shy congressional candidate with little perceived political promise. The 1946 John F. Kennedy congressional campaign was successful because of the unique organization, image, and opportune timing of the congressional race. By obtaining a better understanding of the people, the stories, and the nuances of the Eleventh Congressional District, Kennedy was able to alter his campaign approach and win the election. The Kennedy campaign promoted a candidate who resonated with a large percentage of the electorate and campaign workers mapped out the greatest path to victory within the constraints the district presented. Through hard work, grit, and unwavering dedication, the Kennedy campaign team helped shape a legendary statesman; a leader who defied legend and lived on in American culture years after his assassination

    Health Care: How Can We Reduce Costs and Still Get the Care We Need?

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    Healthcare, a top domestic policy agenda in Congress and across the country since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, is a bellwether issue leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Public deliberation on the topic can provide the public voice necessary for policy makers to make sound decisions and this guide is designed to stimulate those types of discussions.The guide presents three options for addressing this complex public issue, which were researched and compiled by the Kettering Foundation, a nonpartisan research institute that studies the public's role in democracy. It provides an alternative means for moving forward in order to avoid polarizing rhetoric. They are as follows:As a Nation and as Individuals, We Need to Live within Our Means: raise Medicare eligibility age to 67 and base it on financial need, make greater use of hospice care, have employees take on a greater portion of the costs, and encourage more doctors to go into primary care;Make the Healthcare System More Transparent, Efficient, and Accountable: the US healthcare system suffers from a lack of design, making it impossible for citizens to make good decisions -- it needs transparency on cost/price, regulations and/or incentives to instill financial discipline and end greed and abuse; andTake Responsibility for Lowering Healthcare Costs by Focusing on Wellness: Unhealthy behaviors drive up healthcare costs by an estimated $147 billion a year -- collective and individual efforts to improve healthy behaviors can lower those costs.Each option is rooted in a shared concern and proposes several distinct strategies for addressing the problem. This guide does not favor any one option over another. Download your guide today for use in your classroom, research or policy organization or community to help citizens and those interested in policy better understand today's public policy challenges. It also includes some of the strategic facts needed to understand the context of the topic such as:Other technically advanced countries spent 33% to 66% less per person and 12% less of their economies on healthcareThe US ranked last among 26 other high income countries in infant mortality and life expectancyDespite spending far more on healthcare, we trail other countries in life expectancy and have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and other ailment

    The Immorality of Eating Meat

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    Unlike other ethical arguments for veganism, the argument advanced is not predicated on the wrongness of speciesism, nor does it depend on your believing that all animals are equal or that all animals have a right to life, nor is it predicated on some highly contentious metaethical theory which you reject. Rather, it is predicated on your beliefs. Simply put, the argument shows that even those of you who are steadfastly committed to valuing humans over nonhumans are nevertheless committed to the immorality of eating meat and other animal products, given your other beliefs
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