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    Analisis Program Sanitasi Pedesaan dalam Pemanfaatan Jamban di Desa Simpang Lancang Kabupaten bener Meriah

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    Community understanding of clean and healthy living behavior is still lacking, especially in the use of latrines. The research objective was to analyze rural sanitation programs in the use of latrines in Simpang Lancang Village, Bener Meriah Regency. This type of research is descriptive qualitative with a case study design. There were 9 research informants. Data collection techniques with interviews, observation, and visual images. The research results obtained are the community's seriousness in planning the construction of quality, sustainable, and environmentally sound sanitation infrastructure and facilities as well as increasing public awareness of Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS). The conclusion of the research is that the rural sanitation program has succeeded in making use of latrines in the village through several important stages of activity starting from the preparation stage, the construction implementation stage, and the post-construction stage. The recommendation of this research is that it is hoped that there will be continuity of programs in the same or other similar forms that are community-based in order to improve public health statu

    Utilization of Green Spinach Juice In Making Rolled Omelet

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    Dadar roll is one of the traditional Indonesian snacks commonly found in traditional markets. Spinach contains lots of Vitamins A and C and a little Vitamin B. Spinach also contains important mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. The research method used is experimental research with the experimental design carried out is a Complete Randomized Design with 3 treatments. The highest average value is indicated by treatment C in terms of color, aroma, texture, and taste. Treatment C is made from rolled omelet with 100gr green spinach + 550cc water (600cc spinach juice). It can be implied that the best C treatment is preferred by the panelists. With an assessment in terms of color, treatment C is the most preferred sample with a mean value of 4.80. In terms of aroma, treatment C is the most preferred sample with a mean value of 4.56. In terms of texture, treatment C is the most preferred sample with a mean value of 4.24. And in terms of taste, treatment C is the most preferred sample with a mean value of 4.28

    Pengetahuan dan Sikap Anak tentang Makanan Jajanan Sehat melalui Permainan Ular Tangga

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    This study aimed to determine the knowledge and attitudes of healthy snack children through snake and ladder games in Lubuk Pakam sub-district. This research is a quantitative study with a quasi-experimental design of two groups of the pretest-posttest system. The results showed that by using the statistical test, the value of p = 0.000 <0.05. Based on the pretest and post-test results on 54 students, the average change in knowledge before the intervention was 12.8, and the closest intervention was 15.5. The shift in attitude before the intervention was 10.2, and after the intervention was 12.8. In conclusion, there is the influence of snake and ladder game counseling on healthy snack foods on elementary school children's knowledge and attitudes.   Keywords: Healthy Snacks, Knowledge, Attitudes, Snakes, and ladder

    Haki Buku Kontribusi Kebiasaan Sarapan Pagi

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    Sarapan pagi sangat bermanfaat bagi kesehatan. disisi lain bagi mahasiswa memberikan dampak terhadap konsentrasi belajar sehingga berpengaruh terhadap indeks prestasi. Haki ini dalam bentuk buku referensi