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    Moving frames for cotangent bundles

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    Cartan's moving frames method is a standard tool in riemannian geometry. We set up the machinery for applying moving frames to cotangent bundles and its sub-bundles defined by non-holonomic constraints.Comment: 13 pages, to appear in Rep. Math. Phy

    Quantum phase transitions and decoupling of magnetic sublattices in the quasi-two-dimensional Ising magnet Co3V2O8 in a transverse magnetic field

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    The application of a magnetic field transverse to the easy axis, Ising direction in the quasi-two-dimensional Kagome staircase magnet, Co3V2O8, induces three quantum phase transitions at low temperatures, ultimately producing a novel high field polarized state, with two distinct sublattices. New time-of-flight neutron scattering techniques, accompanied by large angular access, high magnetic field infrastructure allow the mapping of a sequence of ferromagnetic and incommensurate phases and their accompanying spin excitations. At least one of the transitions to incommensurate phases at \mu 0Hc1~6.25 T and \mu 0Hc2~7 T is discontinuous, while the final quantum critical point at \mu 0Hc3~13 T is continuous.Comment: 5 pages manuscript, 3 pages supplemental materia

    Analytical modelling of positional and thematic uncertainties in the integration of remote sensing and geographical information systems

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    This paper describes three aspects of uncertainty in geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. First, the positional uncertainty of an area object in a GIS is discussed as a function of positional uncertainties of line segments and boundary line features. Second, the thematic uncertainty of a classified remote sensing image is described using the probability vectors from a maximum likelihood classification. Third, the 'S-band' model is used to quantify uncertainties after combining GIS and remote sensing data.Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatic

    Maximally extended, explicit and regular coverings of the Schwarzschild - de Sitter vacua in arbitrary dimension

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    Maximally extended, explicit and regular coverings of the Schwarzschild - de Sitter family of vacua are given, first in spacetime (generalizing a result due to Israel) and then for all dimensions DD (assuming a D2D-2 sphere). It is shown that these coordinates offer important advantages over the well known Kruskal - Szekeres procedure.Comment: 12 pages revtex4 5 figures in color. Higher resolution version at http://www.astro.queensu.ca/~lake/regularcoordinates.pd

    Lagrangian description of the fluid flow with vorticity in the relativistic cosmology

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    We develop the Lagrangian perturbation theory in the general relativistic cosmology, which enables us to take into account the vortical effect of the dust matter. Under the Lagrangian representation of the fluid flow, the propagation equation for the vorticity as well as the density is exactly solved. Based on this, the coupling between the density and vorticity is clarified in a non-perturbative way. The relativistic correspondence to the Lagrangian perturbation theory in the Newtonian cosmology is also emphasized.Comment: 14 pages (RevTeX); accepted for publication in Phys. Rev.

    Pressure as a Source of Gravity

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    The active mass density in Einstein's theory of gravitation in the analog of Poisson's equation in a local inertial system is proportional to ρ+3p/c2\rho+3p/c^2. Here ρ\rho is the density of energy and pp its pressure for a perfect fluid. By using exact solutions of Einstein's field equations in the static case we study whether the pressure term contributes towards the mass