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    New results on interference effects and correlations

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    New results on interface effects and correlations are reviewed, including Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein correlations in hadronic Z0 decays at LEP1.Comment: 3 pages, 3 figures, ICHEP conference, Tampere, July 199

    Experimental study and evaluation of radioprotective drugs

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    Experimental study evaluates radioprotective drugs administered before exposure either orally or intravenously. Specifically studied are the sources of radiation, choice of radiation dose, choice of animals, administration of drugs, the toxicity of protective agents and types of protective drug

    Do elliptical galaxies have thick disks?

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    The authors discuss new evidence which supports the existence of thick disks in elliptical/SO galaxies. Numerical simulations of weak interactions with thick disk systems produce shell structures very similar in appearance to those observed in many shell galaxies. The authors think this model presents a more plausible explanation for the formation of shell structures in elliptical/SO galaxies than does the merger model and, if correct, supports the existence of thick disks in elliptical/SO galaxies

    Effect of Target Material Yield Strength on Hypervelocity Perforation and Ballistic Limit

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    Viscoplastic flow theory in hypervelocity projectile perforation analyses of thin plate

    Evaluation of GHA’s youth diversionary programme

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    To assist with funding decisions in this area and to build an evidence base, GHA commissioned an evaluation of a selection of its youth diversionary programmes in 2007

    Yellowstone National Park mapping from ERTS-1 computer compatible tapes

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    There are no author-identified significant results in this report

    Terrain classification maps of Yellowstone National Park

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    A cooperative ERTS-1 investigation involving U. S. Geological Survey, National Park Service, and Environmental Research Institure of Michigan (ERIM) personnel has as its goal the preparation of terrain classification maps for the entire Yellowstone National Park. Excellent coverage of the park was obtained on 6 August 1972 (frame 1015-17404). Preliminary terrain classification maps have been prepared at ERIM by applying multispectral pattern recognition techniques to ERTS-MSS digital taped data. The color coded terrain maps are presented and discussed. The discussion includes qualitative and quantitative accuracy estimates and discussion of processing techniques
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