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    Anomalous resonant production of the fourth family up type quarks at the LHC

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    Considering the present limits on the masses of fourth family quarks from the Tevatron experiments, the fourth family quarks are expected to have mass larger than the top quark. Due to their expected large mass they could have different dynamics than the quarks of three families of the Standard Model. The resonant production of the fourth family up type quark t' has been studied via anomalous production subprocess gq_i-->t' (where q_i=u,c) at the LHC with the center of mass energy 10 TeV and 14 TeV. The signatures of such process are discussed within the SM decay modes. The sensitivity to anomalous coupling \kappa/\Lambda=0.1 TeV^(-1) can be reached at \sqrt{s}=10 TeV and L_int=100 pb^(-1).Comment: 14 pages, 13 figures, 7 table

    Anomalous single production of the fourth generation charged leptons at future ep colliders

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    Possible single productions of the fourth standard model family charged leptons via anomalous interactions at the future ep colliders are studied. Signatures of such anomalous processes and backgrounds are discussed in detail.Comment: 7 pages, 5 figure

    Search for squarks and gluinos in events with isolated leptons, jets and missing transverse momentum at s√=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

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    The results of a search for supersymmetry in final states containing at least one isolated lepton (electron or muon), jets and large missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider are reported. The search is based on proton-proton collision data at a centre-of-mass energy s√=8 TeV collected in 2012, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 20 fb−1. No significant excess above the Standard Model expectation is observed. Limits are set on supersymmetric particle masses for various supersymmetric models. Depending on the model, the search excludes gluino masses up to 1.32 TeV and squark masses up to 840 GeV. Limits are also set on the parameters of a minimal universal extra dimension model, excluding a compactification radius of 1/R c = 950 GeV for a cut-off scale times radius (ΛR c) of approximately 30

    Measurement of the cross-section and charge asymmetry of WW bosons produced in proton-proton collisions at s=8\sqrt{s}=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector