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    Analysis of the Chinese provincial air transportation network

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    The air transportation system is of a great impact on the economy and globalization of a country. In this paper, we analyze the Chinese air transportation network (ATN) from a provincial perspective via the complex network framework, where all airports located in one province are abstracted as a single node and flights between two provinces are denoted by a link. The results show that the network exhibits small-world property, homogeneous structure and disassortative mixing. The variation of the flight flow within 24 h is investigated and an obvious tide phenomenon is found in the dynamics of Chinese provincial ATN for high output level of tertiary industry. Our work will offer a novel approach for understanding the characteristic of the Chinese air transportation network.Peer ReviewedPostprint (author's final draft

    Periodic solutions to a pp-Laplacian neutral Duffing equation with variable parameter

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    We study a type of pp-Laplacian neutral Duffing functional differential equation with variable parameter to establish new results on the existence of TT-periodic solutions. The proof is based on a famous continuation theorem for coincidence degree theory. Our research enriches the contents of neutral equations and generalizes known results. An example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of our results

    Understanding the Cancelation of Double Poles in the Pfaffian of CHY-formulism

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    For a physical field theory, the tree-level amplitudes should possess only single poles. However, when computing amplitudes with Cachazo-He-Yuan (CHY) formulation, individual terms in the intermediate steps will contribute higher-order poles. In this paper, we investigate the cancelation of higher-order poles in CHY formula with Pfaffian as the building block. We develop a diagrammatic rule for expanding the reduced Pfaffian. Then by organizing diagrams in appropriate groups and applying the cross-ratio identities, we show that all potential contributions to higher-order poles in the reduced Pfaffian are canceled out, i.e., only single poles survive in Yang-Mills theory and gravity. Furthermore, we show the cancelations of higher-order poles in other field theories by introducing appropriate truncations, based on the single pole structure of Pfaffian.Comment: 30 pages,6 figures,1 table, footnote adde

    Quantifying the efficiency of price-only contracts in push supply chains over demand distributions of known supports

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    In this paper, we quantify the efficiency of price-only contracts in supply chains with demand distributions by imposing prior knowledge only on the support, namely, those distributions with support [a, b] for 0 < a <_ b < +1. By characterizing the price of anarchy (PoA) under various push supply chain configurations, we enrich the application scope of the PoA concept in supply chain contracts along with complementary managerial insights. One of our major findings is that our quantitative analysis can identify scenarios where the price-only contract actually maintains its efficiency, namely, when the demand uncertainty, measured by the relative range b/a, is relatively low, entailing the price-only contract to be more attractive in this regard

    Identifying vital edges in Chinese air route network via memetic algorithm

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    Due to its rapid development in the past decade, air transportation system has attracted considerable research attention from diverse communities. While most of the previous studies focused on airline networks, here we systematically explore the robustness of the Chinese air route network, and identify the vital edges which form the backbone of Chinese air transportation system. Specifically, we employ a memetic algorithm to minimize the network robustness after removing certain edges hence the solution of this model is the set of vital edges. Counterintuitively, our results show that the most vital edges are not necessarily the edges of highest topological importance, for which we provide an extensive explanation from the microscope of view. Our findings also offer new insights to understanding and optimizing other real-world network systems
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