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    The Effect of Polychronicity on Employee Engagement: Conditional Process of Job Satisfaction and Compensation

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    The health industry has the third highest voluntary turnover rate in the world; thus, the degree of participation in the health industry is still relatively low. Low employee engagement continues to make employee engagement an intriguing issue of study, notably in Indonesia. According to a survey, 76% of employees are not engaged in their work. This study aims to investigate the effect of polychronicity on employee engagement with the conditional process of job satisfaction as a mediating variable and compensation as a moderating variable. Testing the model using the PROCESS statistical tool version 3.5, the sample was determined based on the Slovin formula so that 212 individuals participated in the study. According to the findings, compensation is effective in moderating the effect of polychronicity on job satisfaction, compensation is effective in moderating the effect of polychronicity on employee engagement, and compensation is effective in moderating the effect of job satisfaction on employee engagement. Each interaction is in a high category. The study implicates the result of the analysis of the conditional process model on the effect of polychronicity, job satisfaction, and compensation on employee engagement in the health industry

    Liquidity risk : comparison between Islamic and conventional banking

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    The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of micro-economy or bank-specific to the liquidity risk in Islamic and conventional banks. The data in this study using secondary data consists of 20 Islamic banks and 12 conventional banks obtained from seven countries, namely Albania, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar and Indonesia from 2009 to 2015. This research method is based on quantitative techniques using panel data regression. The results showed that in the Islamic and conventional bank found the best model is the fixed effect model. The variables that affect the liquidity risk in Islamic banks are the CAR, FEXP, FLP and NPF. While the variables that affect liquidity risk in conventional banks are FEXP, FLP, NPL and ROA. In Islamic banking NIM, ROA and SIZE does not affect the liquidity risk, and CAR, NIM and SIZE not affect the liquidity risk in Conventional banks.peer-reviewe

    Profile of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) on Pre-Service Teachers in Higher Education

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    This research aims to determine the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) profile of pre-service teachers at the Economics Education Study Program at Jenderal Soedirman University. The research approach used is quantitative with a survey research design type. The population is 3rd, 5th, and 7th-semester students and the sample is 111. To measure TPACK, 50 statements have been prepared based on the indicators of each TPACK component and are declared valid and reliable. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The research results show that the seven components of TPACK are classified as good, two components are more prominent, namely TK and TCK, while the lowest component is CK. These results provide input that in the lecture process there needs to be emphasis on mastering the material and integrating technology into learning

    Company performance improvement: implementation of service culture through human capital in hospitality industry

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    The process of improving service productivity in the hotel industry is of course caused by several fundamentally important factors, including corporate culture and employee human resources factors. A good organizational culture should have the core characteristics of being firmly supported, well-managed, and shared as a whole. Problems commonly faced by employees are related to how to proactively adapt to the company culture so that conflicts do not occur. The research instrument was a questionnaire distributed to 192 hotel employees in West Java, Indonesia. This research aims to conclude whether human capital can mediate the influence of service culture by increasing company performance. The research method used is a simple regression analysis using SPSS and Amos as a calculation tool. The results show that human capital can mediate the influence between service culture and increased company performance in the hotel industry

    Implementation of Adiwiyata Program in the Effort to Create Environmental Cultured School in Banda Aceh

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    This research examined the implementation of Adiwiyata Program in the effort to create environmental cultured school in Banda Aceh. This research used quantitative study paradigm by using survey technique. This study was conducted in ten schools in Banda Aceh from elementary to secondary school levels by involving 452 respondents, which consist of school principals/vice principals, Adiwiyata coordinators, administrative staff and students. Data collection was done through questionnaire and observation. The result of study showed that in general Adiwiyata Program implementation is in effective category. This described that in general the four components of Adiwiyata Program had been implemented effective. Nevertheless, result of study found various obstacles encountered by school in implementing Adiwiyata Program. This article delve and describe in depth the implementation of Adiwiyata Program, so various obstacles encountered by school can be found out in order to implement Adiwiyata Program in Banda Aceh. It is hoped that the result of study can give insight to stakeholder to take the steps forward in the effort to create environmental cultured school. Keywords: Implementation, Adiwiyata Program, Environmental cultured schoo

    Effect Of Spiritual Leadership And Psychological Contracts On Employee Job Satisfaction At Indonesian Islamic Bank (BSI) Bandung Branch

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    Background - Job satisfaction is a happy emotional state or positive emotion that comes from evaluating one's work or experience. With high job satisfaction will increase employee performance against the organization where they work. Lack of satisfaction with the company can lead to low employee performance. In this study related to job satisfaction of BSI Bandung Branch employees. Aim - The aims of this study were to identify and analyze the influence of spiritual leadership and psychological contracts on employee job satisfaction at BSI Bandung Branch. Design / Methodology / Approach – This study used descriptive and explanatory survey methods. The research was conducted on 90 BSI employees. Sampling was carried out using a saturated sampling technique. The data analysis technique used is Multiple Regression Analysis. Findings – The results of this study show that spiritual leadership and psychological contracts partially or jointly have an impact on employee job satisfaction. Furthermore, a determinant value of 0.938 was obtained, this means that spiritual leadership and psychological contracts are able to explain employee job satisfaction of 93.8%. Meanwhile, 6.2% was caused by other factors. Conclusion - The leadership of the BSI Bandung Branch must be able to implement spiritual leadership for employees and build a strong psychological contract for employees within the company. Job satisfaction needs to be improved again to improve organizational performance. Research implication - To increase employee job satisfaction, it is necessary to pay attention to the attitudes and behavior of leadership shown by leaders to employees besides strengthening the psychological contract between employees and the organization. Limitation - The scope of this research is limited to one particular company, so it does not reflect the situation of other institutions in the same study regarding spiritual leadership, psychological contract, job satisfactio

    Building Ecoliteracy Through Adiwiyata Program (Study at Adiwiyata School in Banda Aceh)

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    This study is back grounded by importance of ecoliteracy for each individual. One of comprehensive efforts to build ecoliteracy in community is through Adiwiyata Program. This study is aimed to find out how the effectiveness of Adiwiyata Program in the effort to build students’ ecoliteracy in Banda Aceh. The method which is used is survey. The study is conducted in ten schools, with respondents are principal, teachers, administrative staff and students. Data analysis is done descriptively toward five variable and hypothesis test use nonparametric statistic test. The result of study showed that there is significant influence of school policy, curriculum implementation, school culture and school infrastructure management toward students’ ecoliteracy. The findings of study is the more effective four components of Adiwiyata is implemented, the higher of students’ecoliteracy. Therefore, four components of Adiwiyata should be implemented maximally, among other by strengthening Adiwiyata school team

    Peran Moderasi Persaingan Pada Pengaruh Modal Terhadap Risiko Kegagalan Bank

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    Abstract. This study aims to examine the moderating role of bank competition proxied by the lerner index on the effect of bank capital on bank failure risk proxied by the Z-score. This test considers control variables from bank-specific factors such as Return on Assets (ROA), Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR), and Non-Performance Loans (NPL) as well as macroeconomic factors such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), inflation, and Bank Indonesia interest rates. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling. The data sample obtained was 96 banks from a population of 114 banks which consistently operated during the period 2008-2018. Hypothesis testing using panel data regression analysis techniques through the first model of Hayes method. The results showed that competition at various levels (low, medium, high) positively moderated (strengthened) the inverse of capital on the risk of bank failure. This finding is consistent with the view that competition encourages banks to increase their the level of capital. This study does not include bank efficiency factors and is limited to conventional banks only, further researchers can use the results of this study as a reference or study material, and even re-research objects by adding these factors

    Putting Global Education Through Transcript Based Lesson Analysis in Higher Education

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    Abstract: Putting Global Education Through Transcript Based Lesson Analysis in Higher Education. Objectives: This research describes global educational practices that focus on achieving a global perspective in Transdisciplinary and Cross-Discipline Approaches in Social Studies Learning. Methods: This study uses a qualitative method as a research approach. The research was conducted from September 26 to October 10, 2021. Miles and Huberman’s interactive model reduces interview data, presents research results in a descriptive narrative manner, and concludes research results. Findings: describing the differences in conversations that occurred in cycle one and cycle two, which the lecturer understood because students were reluctant to speak. The reluctance to express opinions is due to limited mastery of the material and fear of interpretation. Therefore, based on cycle one, the lecturer provides brainstorming by conveying the importance of expressing opinions in learning. Conclusion: Lecturers have the main role to provide brainstorming by conveying the importance of expressing opinions. In addition, the subject of transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in social studies learning puts forward the principles of scientific culture in the academic field. Keywords: global education, transcript-based lesson analysis (TBLA), conversation. Abstrak: Menempatkan Pendidikan Global melalui Transcript based Lesson Analysis di Pendidikan Tinggi. Tujuan: Penelitian ini mendeskripsikan praktik pendidikan global yang berfokus pada pencapaian perspektif global dalam Pendekatan Transdisipliner dan Lintas Disiplin dalam Pembelajaran IPS. Metode: penelitian ini menggunakan metode kualitatif sebagai pendekatan penelitian. Penelitian dilaksanakan pada tanggal 26 September hingga 10 Oktober 2021. Model interaktif Miles dan Huberman mereduksi data wawancara, menyajikan hasil penelitian secara deskriptif naratif, dan menyimpulkan hasil penelitian. Temuan: menggambarkan perbedaan percakapan yang terjadi pada siklus satu dan siklus dua, yang dipahami dosen karena mahasiswa enggan untuk berbicara. Keengganan menyampaikan pendapat disebabkan keterbatasan penguasaan materi dan takut menafsirkan. Oleh karena itu, berdasarkan siklus satu, dosen memberikan brainstorming dengan menyampaikan pentingnya mengemukakan pendapat dalam pembelajaran. Kesimpulan: Dosen memiliki peran utama untuk memberikan brainstorming dengan menyampaikan pentingnya mengemukakan pendapat. Selain itu, pokok bahasan pendekatan transdisipliner dan interdisipliner dalam pembelajaran IPS mengedepankan prinsip-prinsip budaya ilmiah di bidang akademik. Kata kunci: pendidikan global, transcript-based lesson analysis (TBLA), percakapan. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23960/jpp.v12.i2.20224
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