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    Programming Idioms for Transactional Events

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    Transactional events (TE) are an extension of Concurrent ML (CML), a programming model for synchronous message-passing. Prior work has focused on TE's formal semantics and its implementation. This paper considers programming idioms, particularly those that vary unexpectedly from the corresponding CML idioms. First, we solve a subtle problem with client-server protocols in TE. Second, we argue that CML's wrap and guard primitives do not translate well to TE, and we suggest useful workarounds. Finally, we discuss how to rewrite CML protocols that use abort actions

    C. F. A. Voysey: The Retrospective Career of the “Pioneer of the Modern Movement

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    The research focus for this paper was the historiography of Charles Francis Annesley Voysey’s architectural career. More specifically, the focus was on the appreciation of his work and why it did or did not change over time. Once the appreciation of Voysey’s work was addressed, the focus became more specific: What was the nature of the shift in opinion of his work, and what internal or external factors caused this shift? To find answers to these questions, I read the books and articles in the paper’s bibliography. In addition, I used the context of the course material of Art History 282 to shape and guide the focal argument of the paper. This allowed me to get a broader picture of the shifting field of architecture during and shortly after Voysey’s fleeting popularity in the early 1900s. Through use of these methods, I found that Voysey’s career in the late 1800s and early 1900s reflects a transitional period in the field of architecture. The Arts and Crafts Movement was losing favor to the emergence of the Modern Movement and the acceptance of machine technology in building methods. Voysey’s simple country houses reflect this subtle shift, as many later critics observe. I conclude through this research assignment my position on retrospective analysis. An architect who designs a building makes a statement that can be interpreted differently by every ensuing generation. In retrospect, Voysey provides influence for countless architects and sets the tone for the Modern Movement. While Voysey himself scoffed at the idea of being named the “pioneer of the Modern Movement,” his intentions are irrelevant to the magnitude of his influence. His economy of design, lack of ornament, and emphasis of geometry all precede the ideas and practices of modern architecture

    La rehabilitaciĂłn del alojamiento para las personas desplazadas en Ucrania

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    En Ucrania se están rehabilitando edificios para ofrecer alojamiento a las personas que huyen del conflicto en el país pero, a medida que la guerra continúe, se deberá reconocer la necesidad de soluciones más permanentes

    The role of anti-trafficking organizations in human trafficking policy implementation

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    "The paper discusses possibilities of resistance and changes to exploitative working conditions in relation to the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) struggling against human trafficking. NGOs in post-soviet states (Russia, Latvia and Ukraine) and their strategies of implementation and adaption of international norms into national law are analyzed. NGOs in these states succeeded with alterations in legal regulations and contributed to public awareness of human trafficking by cooperation with international organizations." (author's abstract)"Dieser Beitrag diskutiert Möglichkeiten zum Widerstand und zur Veränderung ausbeutender Arbeitsbedingungen sich bieten anhand der Rolle von Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGOs) im Kampf gegen Menschenhandel. Dabei werden NGOs in postsowjetischen Staaten (Russland, Lettland und Ukraine) und ihre Strategien in der Implementation und Adaption internationaler Normen in nationales Recht analysiert. Den NGOs in diesen Staaten, die in hohem Maß von Menschenhandel betroffen sind, ist es gelungen durch das Zusammenwirken mit Internationalen Organisationen Veränderungen des rechtlichen Raums zu bewirken und das Thema Menschenhandel in das öffentliche Bewusstsein zu tragen." (Autorenreferat

    The continuum of gender based violence in Ukraine

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    In our continuum of violence series, Laura Dean looks behind the high levels of gender-based violence during the war in Ukraine and finds a pre-war society with deeply entrenched inequalities and discrimination against women

    Understanding Environmental Art: A Case Study of Jason deCaires Taylor\u27s Coral Greenhouse (2019)

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    This thesis highlights the need for a new way to analyze environmental art. In the past, environmental artwork has been discussed in terms of the abstract concepts that drove their creation and the role they played in moving artists outside of the gallery space in the1960s and 70s. However, in recent years environmental artists are increasingly driven by themes of environmental conservation and preservation, using scientific research as the basis of their designs. Because of the shift in focus, developing a new way to discuss environmental art that takes into consideration the influence scientific research has on art production and public reception, in addition to looking at formalist aspects and historical contexts of the artwork, is more important than ever. By using Jason deCaires Taylor’s exhibition Coral Greenhouse (2019) as a case study, this thesis aims to demonstrate the multiple ways coral conservation research altered the physical appearance of the art works as well as the critical responses from both art and scientific communities, thus proving the need for a more comprehensive way to analyze this type of environmental art in the future

    Beyond the Natasha Effect: Determinants of Human Trafficking Policy Variation in the Post-Soviet Region

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    This dissertation examined how human trafficking policies diffused in the post-Soviet region, a significant source region for female victims of sex trafficking dubbed Natashas. The main research question examined why some countries adopted policies while others did not. More specifically it examined whether human trafficking variations in all 15 countries of the former Soviet Union were due to internal determinants and/or from external pressure from the international community. Case studies with fieldwork in Russia, Latvia, and Ukraine determined the situation within the policy subsystem concerning adoption. The qualitative research was supplemented with a pooled time series analysis from 2003-2012 of all 15 countries of the former Soviet Union that determined the scope of human trafficking policies and a preliminary model for policy implementation. My research expanded the diffusion of innovation framework to explain the policy adoption variations throughout this region by adapting it fit the international context and supplemented with theories from morality politics and feminist policy. The results demonstrated that both international and external factors influenced the adoption of human trafficking policies in the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union

    Advocacy Coalitions in East European Sex Tourism: The Case of Latvia

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    The widening of the European Union and the emergence of budget airlines have brought with them a host of challenges to new member states like Latvia. A result of the economic polarization and its disproportionate effect on women is the explosion of sex tourism. East European destinations such as Riga have become more prevalent and accessible for sex tourists particularly from Western Europe. Despite this influx of sex tourists, the Latvian government has not formulated a policy response to manage sex tourism. Using Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) from the public policy literature, this project examines sex tourism related policies from the late communist period, starting in 1980 to the present and investigates how policy subsystems influence the shaping of policy in post-communist democracies. Process tracing and elite interviews uncovered two coalitions that formed around Latvian sex tourism, a feminist advocacy coalition and a business advocacy coalition. The data also revealed that these coalitions have remained intact despite the, at times, fluid membership of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) due to economic constraints. This paper also determined that there is no policy on sex tourism in Latvia despite the fact that many government representatives said that there were similar measures found in other policies such as prostitution, pornography, human trafficking, and adult entertainment thus, sex tourism was just a name for another type of similar activity. In addition to these findings, this project also demonstrates that ACF is applicable to mature but evolving policy subsystems outside of the United States and Western Europe. It also recognizes feminist organizations and the subtleties of actors involved in feminist policy research as key players in the policy subsystem that share beliefs and coordinate activity

    Gender at Work: The Role of Habitus and Gender-Performance in Service Industry Occupations

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    This study examines the relationship between gender roles and habitus in service industry occupations. It draws primarily from the works of Pierre Bourdieu and Judith Butler. Data includes an exploratory focus group, non-participant observations and interviews with women currently or formerly employed as bartenders, bar backs, servers, or hostesses. The main themes that emerged included how habitus is affected by views of employment, drug and alcohol use, the naturalization of gender roles, and the effect of appearance standards. This study supports previous feminist works that posit that gender as a performance, not a biological trait. Further this performance is used to navigate specific social experiences such as those in a workplace. This paper also comments on current enforcement of Title VII with reference to gender discrimination
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