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    Prospects for Higgs properties measurements at future colliders

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    The LHC Run-1 was very successful and included the discovery of a new particle with mass of about 125 GeV compatible with the Higgs boson predicted by the Standard Model. The prospects for Higgs physics at the high-luminosity LHC and at future colliders are presented. In particular, the ultimate precision attainable for the couplings measurements of the 125 GeV particle with elementary fermions and bosons is discussed along with prospects for self-coupling measurements, for the ATLAS and CMS detectors at the upgraded LHC.Comment: Talk presented CIPANP2015. 8 pages, 4 figure

    Nursing care to patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy

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    Objective: developing the main diagnoses and nursing interventions related to complications of radiotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer. Method: a descriptive study developed in three stages: literature review in the databases MEDLINE and LILACS; identification of complications reported at least in 50% of the articles, which were xerostomia and mucositis and composition of diagnoses and nursing interventions according to the International Classification for Nursing Practice. Results: there were formulated the diagnoses: "Low Salivation" and "Inflammation of the Oral Mucous Membrane" and 40 nursing interventions. Conclusion: this study contributed in the organization of nursing care through the use of a standardized terminology for diagnoses and nursing interventions that support the nursing consultation in the sector of radiotherapy
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