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    Perturbation Solution for Thermal Diffusion and Chemical reaction Effects on MHD Flow in Vertical Surface with Heat Generation

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    A study two-dimensional laminar incompressible flow continuously moving vertical surface porous plate has been analyzed to show the effect of an additional cross transport phenomenon, i.e. heat flux caused by concentration gradient in addition to the heat flux caused by temperature gradient. Further thermal Diffusion and chemical reaction effects on MHD flow in vertical surface with heat generation has been taken into consideration in the present study. Moreover, the Dufour effect has been considered in energy equation leaving the equation of thermal diffusion and mass diffusion coupled. The coupled non-linear equations are solved by applying perturbation technique. The effect of flow parameters are shown with the help of graphs

    Electro-Osmotic Flow of MHD Jeffrey Fluid in a Rotating Microchannel by Peristalsis: Thermal Analysis

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    In this study, we examine the rotating and heat transfer on the peristaltic and electro-osmatic flow of a Jeffery fluid in an asymmetric microchannel with slip impact. A pressure gradient and anal axially imposed electric field work together to impact the electro-osmotic flow (EOF). Mathematical modeling is imported by employing the low Reynolds number and long wavelength approximation. The exact solution has been simplified for the stream function, temperature, and velocity distributions. The effects of diverse egress quantities on the gush virtue are exhibited and discussed with the help of graphs. The shear stress and trapping phenomena have been investigated. The characterization of results has been resolved for the flow governing ingrained appropriate parameters by employing the table. Our findings can be summarized as follows: (i) Debye length has a strong influence on the conducting viscous fluid of EOF in non-uniform micro-channel. (ii) The temperature field is enhanced through the elevated values of the rotation parameter and EOF. (iii) The shear stress has oscillatory behavior and the heat transmission rate increases with the magnitude of larger values of EOF. Finally, there is good agreement between the current results and those that have already been published. This model applies to the study of chemical fraternization/separation procedures and bio-microfluidic devices for the resolution of diagnosis

    MHD Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid Past an Impulsively Started Infinite Vertical Plate with Chemical reaction

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    ABSTRACT: The objective of the present study, we discuss the heat and mass transfer on MHD unsteady visco-elastic second order Rivlin-Erickson fluid past an impulsively started infinite vertical plate in the presence of a foreign mass and constant mass flux on taking into account of viscous dissipative heat at the plate under the influence of a uniform transverse magnetic field in the presence of chemical reaction. The flow is governed by a coupled non-linear system of partial differential equations. These equations are solved by using perturbation technique. The velocity, temperature, concentration, skin -friction and the rate of heat transfer are derived. The results are graphically discussed for various values of physical parameters