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    Thermal Entanglement in Ferrimagnetic Chains

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    A formula to evaluate the entanglement in an one-dimensional ferrimagnetic system is derived. Based on the formula, we find that the thermal entanglement in a small size spin-1/2 and spin-s ferrimagnetic chain is rather robust against temperature, and the threshold temperature may be arbitrarily high when s is sufficiently large. This intriguing result answers unambiguously a fundamental question: ``can entanglement and quantum behavior in physical systems survive at arbitrary high temperatures?"Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure

    Quantum storage and information transfer with superconducting qubits

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    We design theoretically a new device to realize the general quantum storage based on dcSQUID charge qubits. The distinct advantages of our scheme are analyzed in comparison with existing storage scenarios. More arrestingly, the controllable XY-model spin interaction has been realized for the first time in superconducting qubits, which may have more potential applications besides those in quantum information processing. The experimental feasibility is also elaborated.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figure

    Method and apparatus for producing concentric hollow spheres

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    Hollow spheres with precisely concentric inner and outer spherical surfaces are formed by applying vibrations to a nonconcentric hollow sphere while it is at an elevated temperature at which it is fluid or plastic, the vibrations producing internal flows which cause the inner and outer surfaces to become precisely concentric. Concentric spheres can be mass produced by extruding a material such as glass or metal while injecting a stream of gas into the center of the extrusion to form a gas-filled tube. Vibrations are applied to the extruded tube to help break it up into individual bodies of a desired uniform size, the bodies tending to form spherical inner and outer surfaces by reason of surface tension, and the continuing application of vibrations causing these surfaces to become concentric

    Operator fidelity susceptibility: an indicator of quantum criticality

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    We introduce the operator fidelity and propose to use its susceptibility for characterizing the sensitivity of quantum systems to perturbations. Two typical models are addressed: one is the transverse Ising model exhibiting a quantum phase transition, and the other is the one dimensional Heisenberg spin chain with next-nearest-neighbor interactions, which has the degeneracy. It is revealed that the operator fidelity susceptibility is a good indicator of quantum criticality regardless of the system degeneracy.Comment: Four pages, two figure

    Installing fiber insulation

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    A method for installing fragile, high temperature insulation batting in an elongated cavity or in a resilient wire sleeve to form a resilient seal. The batting is preformed to rough dimensions and wrapped in a plastic film, the film being of a material which is fugitive at a high temperature. The film is heat sealed and trimmed to form a snugly fit skin which overlaps at least at one end to permit attachment of a pull cord. The film absorbs the tensile force of pulling the film enclosed batting through the cavity or wire mesh sleeve and is subsequently driven off by high temperature baking, leaving only the insulation in the cavity or wire mesh sleeve
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