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    A new physical phenomenon in ultra-high energy collisions

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    We show that combining the published Pierre Auger Observatory measurements of the longitudinal_and_ lateral properties of UHE atmospheric showers, points to an unforeseen change in the nature of particle interactions at ultrahigh energy. A "toy model" of UHE proton-air interactions is presented which provides the first fully consistent description of air shower observations. It demonstrates that the observed energy dependence of the depth-of-shower-maximum distribution may not indicate a transition to a heavier composition, as commonly assumed. While fundamentally phenomenological, the model is based on considerations of how the normal vacuum of QCD might be vaporized and chiral symmetry restored by the extreme energy densities produced in UHE collisions. Whatever its origin, understanding this unexpected phenomenon opens exciting directions in particle physics and may impact Early Universe cosmology.Comment: Based on talk given Feb. 14, 2012 at UHECR 2012 - International Symposium on Future Directions in UHECR Physics, CERN, Genev

    Detecting Gluino-Containing Hadrons

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    When SUSY breaking produces only dimension-2 operators, gluino and photino masses are of order 1 GeV or less. The gluon-gluino bound state has mass 1.3-2.2 GeV and lifetime > 10^{-5} - 10^{-10} s. This range of mass and lifetime is largely unconstrained because missing energy and beam dump techniques are ineffective. With only small modifications, upcoming K^0 decay experiments can study most of the interesting range. The lightest gluino-containing baryon (uds-gluino) is long-lived or stable; experiments to find it and the uud-gluino are also discussed.Comment: 13 pp, 1 figure (uuencoded). Descendant of hep-ph/9504295, hep-ph/9508291, and hep-ph/9508292, focused on experimental search techniques. To be published in Phys Rev Let

    1984-2004: Twenty Years of Adult Literacy Education in South Africa: A Chronicle of Frustration

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    The role of emotional intelligence in leadership effectiveness: a meta-analysis

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    Leaders are an essential element of the business world. While good leaders can provide many benefits for an organization, unsuccessful leaders can be detrimental. The notion that emotional intelligence plays a part in whether a leader is effective or not effective has recently been introduced. This study sought to unify the literature evaluating the possible link between emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness. Meta- analytic techniques were used to analyze this relationship. Results revealed that overall, there is a positive relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness. Also, while the type of emotional intelligence measure used served as a moderator to this relationship, a second and third meta-analysis supported the overall positive relationship of emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness

    Survey of Selected 2019 Texas Oil and Gas Cases and Statutes

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    Texas courts and the legislature were quite active in 2019 concerning oil and gas issues. Texas courts decided many cases involving everything from deed interpretation to lease repudiation to farmout interpretation. The Texas Supreme Court has granted several petitions for review from the courts of appeal. The legislature enacted or amended statutes concerning so called “royalty leases,” the Mineral Interest Pooling Act, and others. The following are summaries of some selected cases and statutes that will be of interest to those involved with Texas oil and gas law

    Communities Helping Communities: Identify Impact Through Surveys

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    Renew Mobility started it humbles beginnings in 1993 with the intention to serve those in need of mobility equipment within Western Michigan. Since Renew Mobility opened 30 years ago it has undergone restructuring, including opening a second office to further its impact. In essence Renew Mobility aids in helping all ages and abilities of the population who need devices to increase their independence. Renew Mobility accepts donated equipment from the community, refurbishes the equipment/ recycles it, and donates it back to those in need. A hindrance of growth for our organization has been tracking outcomes. Renew Mobility has started to house our clients within Salesforce. During my doctoral capstone experience I have implemented Qualtrics with Salesforce to show impact by using a pre-service survey and a three-month post-service follow-up survey. This paper outlines the challenges and successes that I have faced to show outcomes through surveys

    Texas: Survey of Selected 2021 Oil and Gas Cases and Statutes

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    The Texas Supreme Court was quite active in 2021, issuing several oil and gas opinions; however, two were quite controversial, drawing numerous amicus curie from industry groups, oil and gas attorneys, and academia. In Concho Resources, Inc. v Ellison, the court held that a subsequently executed, inconsistent instrument, even without words of grant, may divest a record mineral title. And, in Broadway National Bank v. Yates Energy Corp., the court held that prior title holders may divest a current record title holder of their title by executing a correction deed without the joinder of, or notice to, the present record title holder

    2019–2020 Colorado Oil and Gas Law Update

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    Colorado courts and the state’s legislature were quite active in 2019 and 2020 on the oil and gas administrative law front. Namely, the Colorado General Assembly enacted changes to the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Act in response to the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision in Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission v. Martinez. While the Martinez case was not principally a substantive oil and gas case, the resulting fallout from the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision made sweeping changes to the state’s statutory laws. The decision will also result in major administrative law changes affecting the Colorado oil & gas industry. This Article will review the Martinez trilogy of cases and summarize the statutory changes resulting from the General Assembly’s action

    Flammability screening tests of resins

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    Selected flammability characteristics of glass cloth laminates of thermosetting resins are evaluated. A protocol for the evaluation of the flammability hazards presented by glass cloth laminates of thermosetting resins and the usefulness of that protocol with two laminates are presented. The glass laminates of an epoxy resin, M-751 are evaluated for: (1) determination of smoke generation from the laminates; (2) analysis of products of oxidative degradation of the laminates; (3) determination of minimum oxygen necessary to maintain flaming oxidation; (4) evaluation of toxicological hazards

    The Move toward a Cashless Society: A Closer Look at Payment Instrument Economics

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    Ever since the first general-purpose charge card debuted in the early 1950s, pundits have been predicting the "cashless society." Over fifty years later, we may finally be getting close to that vision. This study is the first to examine empirically the move toward a cashless society using a cost-benefit framework. We find that when all key parties to a transaction are considered and benefits are added, cash and checks are more costly than many earlier studies suggest. In general, the shift toward a cashless society appears to be a beneficial one.