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    Photodetectors in Calorimeters for the Linear Collider

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    SiPM Gain Stabilization Studies for Adaptive Power Supply

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    We present herein gain stabilization studies of SiPMs using a climate chamber at CERN. We present results for four detectors not tested before, three from Hamamatsu and one from KETEK. Two of the Hamamatsu SiPMs are novel sensors with trenches that reduce cross talk. We use an improved readout system with a digital oscilloscope controlled with a dedicated LabView program. We improved and automized the analysis to deal with large datasets. We have measured the gain-versus-bias-voltage dependence at fixed temperature and gain-versus-temperature dependence at fixed bias voltage to determine the bias voltage dependence on temperature V(T)V(T) for stable gain. We show that the gain remains stable to better than ±0.5%\pm 0.5\% in the 20C30C20^\circ \rm C - 30^\circ C temperature range if the bias voltage is properly adjusted with temperature.Comment: 14 pages, 41 figures, Talk presented at the International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS15), Whistler, Canada, 2-6 November 201

    Measurement of charged particle spectra in deep-inelastic ep scattering at HERA

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    Charged particle production in deep-inelastic ep scattering is measured with the H1 detector at HERA. The kinematic range of the analysis covers low photon virtualities, 5 LT Q(2) LT 100 GeV2, and small values of Bjorken-x, 10(-4) LT x LT 10(-2). The analysis is performed in the hadronic centre-of-mass system. The charged particle densities are measured as a function of pseudorapidity (n(*)) and transverse momentum (p(T)(*)) in the range 0 LT n(*) LT 5 and 0 LT p(T)(*) LT 10 GeV in bins of x and Q(2). The data are compared to predictions from different Monte Carlo generators implementing various options for hadronisation and parton evolutions

    Research and Design of a Routing Protocol in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks

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    无线传感器网络,作为全球未来十大技术之一,集成了传感器技术、嵌入式计算技术、分布式信息处理和自组织网技术,可实时感知、采集、处理、传输网络分布区域内的各种信息数据,在军事国防、生物医疗、环境监测、抢险救灾、防恐反恐、危险区域远程控制等领域具有十分广阔的应用前景。 本文研究分析了无线传感器网络的已有路由协议,并针对大规模的无线传感器网络设计了一种树状路由协议,它根据节点地址信息来形成路由,从而简化了复杂繁冗的路由表查找和维护,节省了不必要的开销,提高了路由效率,实现了快速有效的数据传输。 为支持此路由协议本文提出了一种自适应动态地址分配算——ADAR(AdaptiveDynamicAddre...As one of the ten high technologies in the future, wireless sensor network, which is the integration of micro-sensors, embedded computing, modern network and Ad Hoc technologies, can apperceive, collect, process and transmit various information data within the region. It can be used in military defense, biomedical, environmental monitoring, disaster relief, counter-terrorism, remote control of haz...学位:工学硕士院系专业:信息科学与技术学院通信工程系_通信与信息系统学号:2332007115216

    Photoproduction of jets and prompt photons at HERA

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