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    The Relationship of Gender Role Attributes and Perception of Sexual Issues

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    A thesis presented to the faculty of the College of Science and Technology at Morehead State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Psychology by Stephanie J. Cunningham on June 30, 2005

    Fuel for Fun Impact Study Affirms Positive Effect on Fruit & Vegetable Preference and Approach to Cooking in School Age Youth

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    Examines impact of Fuel for Fun (FFF), a school-based experiential cooking intervention on self-efficacy (SE) and attitude (AT) toward cooking and on fruit and vegetable preference

    Paclitaxel synergizes with exposure time adjusted CD22-targeting immunotoxins against B-cell malignancies

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    CD22-targeted recombinant immunotoxins (rIT) are active in hairy cell leukemia or acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), but not in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) patients. The goal was to enhance rIT efficacy in vivo and to define a strong combination treatment. Activity of Moxetumomab pasudotox (Moxe) and LR combined with paclitaxel was tested against MCL cell lines in vitro and as bolus doses or continuous infusion in xenograft models. In the KOPN-8 ALL xenograft, Moxe or paclitaxel alone was active, but all mice died from leukemia; when combined, 60% of the mice achieved a sustained complete remission. Against MCL cells in vitro, LR was more active than Moxe and the cells had to be exposed to rIT for more than 24 hours for them to die. To maintain high blood levels in vivo, LR was administered continuously by 7-day pumps achieving a well-tolerated steady plasma concentration of 45 ng/ml. In JeKo-1 xenografts, continuously administered LR was 14-fold more active than bolus doses and the combination with paclitaxel additionally improved responses by 135-fold. Maintaining high rIT-plasma levels greatly improves responses in the JeKo-1 model and paclitaxel substantially enhances bolus and continuously infused rIT, supporting a clinical evaluation against B-cell malignancies

    Fuel for Fun: Cooking with Kids Plus Parents and Play

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    Fuel for Fun: Cooking with Kids Plus Parents and Play is an integrated research, extension, education project targeting 4th-grade students. Its long-term goal of reducing the risk of childhood obesity will be addressed by promoting healthful food and activity environments, policies and behaviors through: 1) evaluating the efficacy of a 4th grade comprehensive school-based intervention, 2) designing, implementing, and evaluating a family-based intervention, 3) applying it to an after-school setting to broaden its reach, and, 4) disseminating both versions through outreac

    Fruit and Vegetable Weights or Pan Weight are Valid Methods to Estimate Elementary Student Self-Service Salad bar Portions

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    Assessing the validity of weighing both individual fruit and vegetable (FV) pieces and salad bar pans of specific FV for estimating amounts taken from self-service salad bars

    Process Evaluation Measures Effectively Assess Fidelity of Fuel for Fun Classroom Lessons

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    Assessing the fidelity of the Fuel for Fun cooking and tasting classroom lessons in year 1 of program intervention using 3 process evaluation measure

    Measuring Recess Activity Using SOPLAY Revealed Sex and Seasonal Differences, Challenges in Fuel for Fun Impact Assessment

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    Examines outcomes and feasibility of measuring change in recess activity using System for Observing Play and Leisure Activity in Youth (SOPLAY) in impact assessment of Fuel for Fun, a school-based nutrition education program

    Prevention of Decubitus Ulcers in the Clinical Setting

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    Updates from Opt-Out Counseling for Indiana University Pediatric Residents

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    Presented as a Poster Presentation at 2020 IUSM Education Da
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