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    Double proton tagging at the LHC as a means to discover new physics

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    We review the theoretical and experimental motivations behind recent proposals to add forward proton tagging detectors to the LHC experiments as a means to search for new physics.Comment: Talk given at the 5th Rencontres du Vietnam, 'New Views in Particle Physics' conference, Hanoi, August 200

    Central Exclusive Di-jet Production at the Tevatron

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    We perform a phenomenological analysis of dijet production in double pomeron exchange at the Tevatron. We find that the CDF Run I results do not rule out the presence of an exclusive dijet component, as predicted by Khoze, Martin and Ryskin (KMR). With the high statistics CDF Run II data, we predict that an exclusive component at the level predicted by KMR may be visible, although the observation will depend on accurate modelling of the inclusive double pomeron exchange process. We also compare to the predictions of the DPEMC Monte Carlo, which contains a non-perturbative model for the central exclusive process. We show that the perturbative model of KMR gives different predictions for the di-jet ET dependence in the high di-jet mass fraction region than non-perturbative models.Comment: 17 pages, 15 figure

    Photoacoustic Tomography in a Rectangular Reflecting Cavity

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    Almost all known image reconstruction algorithms for photoacoustic and thermoacoustic tomography assume that the acoustic waves leave the region of interest after a finite time. This assumption is reasonable if the reflections from the detectors and surrounding surfaces can be neglected or filtered out (for example, by time-gating). However, when the object is surrounded by acoustically hard detector arrays, and/or by additional acoustic mirrors, the acoustic waves will undergo multiple reflections. (In the absence of absorption they would bounce around in such a reverberant cavity forever). This disallows the use of the existing free-space reconstruction techniques. This paper proposes a fast iterative reconstruction algorithm for measurements made at the walls of a rectangular reverberant cavity. We prove the convergence of the iterations under a certain sufficient condition, and demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the algorithm in numerical simulations.Comment: 21 pages, 6 figure

    Investigation of the Relationship of Earthquakes and Underground Waste Disposal in The El Dorado Area, Arkansas

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    From December, 1983 to September, 1989 twelve small earthquakes were recorded for the El Dorado, Arkansas area. Magnitudes of these earthquakes were well below damaging levels. Prior to this time no seismicity was reported in the area, suggesting that the earthquakes were not naturally occurring and may have been the result of human activity. El Dorado is located at the margin of a region of underground waste brine disposal and along a major fault zone. Elevated pore pressures resulting from brine disposal may have reduced the normal (locking) stresses across fault surfaces and triggered fault movement. Two injection wells (Great Lakes Chemical Corporation SWD# 7 and 13) in the El Dorado South field are in closest proximity to fault surfaces at the depth of injection. The two wells also lie at the center of the macroseismic area and show increases in injection rates prior to periods of seismicity. These relationships suggest that pressured fluid injection triggers earthquakes in the area. Future research to corroborate these results should include detailed seismological studies of the El Dorado South field and detailed studies of formation pressures, in situ stresses and geologic structure for all sites of pressured fluid injection and secondary oil recovery operations in the region

    Diffractive production of high pt photons at HERA

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    We study the diffractive production of high pt photons at HERA. We have implemented the process as a new hard sub-process in the HERWIG event generator in order to prepare the ground for a future measurement.Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures. Contribution to the 1999 UK Phenomenology Workshop on Collider Physics, Durham, U
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