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    Experimental systematic uncertainties (and object reconstruction) on top physics, their correlations, comparison ATLAS vs CMS (vs Tevatron) and common agreements

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    The experimental systematic uncertainties associated to the reconstruction and calibration of the objects appearing in top quark final states at the LHC and Tevatron are discussed. The strategies followed in the ATLAS and CMS experiments are compared in detail for the cases of the jet energy scale and bb-tagging calibrations, where a categorisation of the associated uncertainty sources as well as the corresponding correlations across experiments has been proposed. The estimate of the non-prompt and fake lepton background to the top quark leptonic channels is also discussed.Comment: Proceedings of Top2014 International Workshop on Top-Quark Physic

    Monte Carlo Study of the Spin-1 Baxter-Wu Model

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    The two-dimensional spin-1 Baxter-Wu model is studied by using Monte Carlo simulations. The standard single-spin-flip Metropolis algorithm is used to generate the configurations from which the order parameter, specific heat and magnetic susceptibility are measured. The finite-size scaling procedure is employed in order to get the critical behavior. The extensive simulations shown that the critical exponents are different from those of the spin-1/2 model suggesting that the spin-1 model is in a different universality class.Comment: 3 pages, 3 figures, 1 tabl

    Twisted Jacobi manifolds, twisted Dirac-Jacobi structures and quasi-Jacobi bialgebroids

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    We study twisted Jacobi manifolds, a concept that we had introduced in a previous Note. Twisted Jacobi manifolds can be characterized using twisted Dirac-Jacobi, which are sub-bundles of Courant-Jacobi algebroids. We show that each twisted Jacobi manifold has an associated Lie algebroid with a 1-cocycle. We introduce the notion of quasi-Jacobi bialgebroid and we prove that each twisted Jacobi manifold has a quasi-Jacobi bialgebroid canonically associated. Moreover, the double of a quasi-Jacobi bialgebroid is a Courant-Jacobi algebroid. Several examples of twisted Jacobi manifolds and twisted Dirac-Jacobi structures are presented

    Mass, angular-momentum, and charge inequalities for axisymmetric initial data

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    We present the key elements of the proof of an upper bound for angular-momentum and charge in terms of the mass for electro-vacuum asymptotically flat axisymmetric initial data sets with simply connected orbit space

    Zero-temperature TAP equations for the Ghatak-Sherrington model

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    The zero-temperature TAP equations for the spin-1 Ghatak-Sherrington model are investigated. The spin-glass energy density (ground state) is determined as a function of the anisotropy crystal field DD for a large number of spins. This allows us to locate a first-order transition between the spin-glass and paramagnetic phases within a good accuracy. The total number of solutions is also determined as a function of DD.Comment: 11 pages, 2 ps figures include
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